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"World Baseball" Step by step with baseball in Kenya - Young Japanese manager/former independent leaguer strives! "Support from Japan"

May 1, 2018

Sentence, photograph = *taniyasaki (Kenyan baseball national team coach)

 Practice instruction in Kenya would be finally begun, but only around ten players were able to participate as it was slightly rapid schedule. It was after a long absence to see movement of player as time had become vacant to some extent before I went to Kenya, but we had had you report everyday training menu and practice menu by email and showed movement to remind of what we practiced well and it was serene and handled menu without being worried about severe menu and was able to wrestle in practice with good atmosphere.
 Tetsuo Imazawa, also known as "Hide" who "met, and appeared on TV program called paste" at the time of from this time had you come to support of baseball in Kenya from Japan.

 We had Hide always support baseball of Kenya, but, as well as support, Kenya came over this time as it was actually to want to see Kenya baseball with own eyes and had you be keenly aware of Kenya baseball in what you practiced with player.

 When Soichi Fujita of former WBC Japan National Team played an active part in professional baseball last time came to Kenya, you said on seeing player saying "body ability is high at all".
 In addition, we remember that we ate even if "it will be to how great player when environment was set because we can do it to here while environment is not regulated well".
 Solution to problem to fix practice environment takes time still more, but wants to go ahead one step of one step.

 We had you provide movement costs and meal of player from Hide this time.
Besides, we had you send five dozen balls from Japan to Kenya from Fujita.
In addition, Minowa who I am senior of the amateur baseball era, and works as player in Yokohama TODODAS.
Thank you for having you contribute many gloves.
Besides, thank you for having you contribute tool personally.
Players are pleased very much, too. We use carefully.

 We have you engage in baseball in Kenya and really thank many Japanese people in this way. Level itself of baseball in Kenya is really low, but is charmed by figure which children, adults play seriously. Your cooperation, support bring big influence for baseball promotion of Kenya.
We really thank.
 There are a lot of problems including expense and movement costs of player that baseball in Kenya makes ground still more, but would appreciate your cooperating with Kenyan baseball promotion continuously.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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Aim at professional after the graduation with team as high school, Collegiate and baseball club; to club team. We go to the United States towards further height and participate in winter league. We join age Ehime Manda Rin Pirates. We retire for injury of shoulder afterwards although we improve our skill in Independent League. There is opportunity to get to know Kenyan embassy concerning work of father and receives percussion of Kenya national team coach. When visited visit in the field, talk with local players, and is impressed though hesitate about appointment; is the acceptance in directors. We widen baseball in Africa without staying only in Kenya, and birth of professional player aims at WBC, Olympics participation more from Africa!

World Baseball
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