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"World Baseball" Baseball in Nepal, a country that faces the Himalayan Mountains to its north. "PRESIDENTIAL CUP"

May 8, 2018

Meeting (Yohei Kobayashi) of sentence, photograph = NPO corporation Nepal baseball lari glass

 "PRESIDENTIAL CUP" (Premier International Baseball Championship 2018) was held in Indira Gandhi track and field sports stadium in Indian guwahati, and Nepal participated the other day as the last column introduced. We heard that Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sri Lankan six countries participated in this meeting other than India of the host country just before meeting from India, but it was actually "India" and participation of two teams of "India A" by India, Nepal, participation only for Bangladeshi three countries from India. Information from sponsor did not readily come about this meeting, and state not to understand of the situation continued. It was approximately two months ago of meeting that there was invitation of participation in Nepal. There would be many countries which saw off participation without being able to cope until meeting holding because there was not so time. We feel that it is difficult when we do not begin preparations for at least half a year to hold such an international meeting. However, apart from what, it is that is very happy that it lead to baseball development of Asia that meeting was held.

 By the way, meeting began, and Nepal faced first match, India. The Nepalese batting order remained silent, and this game became seventh inning Called defeat. However, the Nepalese batting order explodes from first inning by game with Bangladesh of two eyes, the following day and wins by fifth inning Called. In addition, by Indian A war of Game 3, Nepal gave five points of one action to top of the ninth inning which we invited to by tie score and won and pushed forward piece to the final by two wins one defeat. And Nepal gained results called First Runner-Up although they lost in the final with India on the last day.

 In closing ceremony after game, the top nine was announced, and sagun kichaju player of catcher was chosen among Nepal alone. We take up even this column about sagun kichaju player several times, and, also, program of NHK-BS1 broadcasted in 2016 is player who is familiar to Japan where it is introduced in "the world aims at Tokyo". He was chosen as National team players in Nishi Asia baseball meet of last year, but felt regrettable without being able to carry out participation in meeting by problem of age. He made long-cherished international meeting first appearance this time, and the ability was recognized, and it was glad receiving a prize.

 Again after the meeting players "can be a runner up, and is glad in various ways though there was mistake. Say, practice more, and next wants to aim at championship about ground while is pleased with First Runner-Up; "ground of India was splendid. If there was ground which was good for Nepal, there was more batting practice and said, we think that we could draw India, Sri Lanka, difference with skilled player country such as Pakistan.

 By the way, Japanese joined team as coach and officer including me when Nepal participated in international meeting until now. However, there is not such a thing, and Nepal participated in international meeting by oneself this time and gained laurels called First Runner-Up. As for the problem, baseball in Nepal grows up surely still more although there is and wants you to advance with confidence from now on.

World Baseball
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