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World Baseball – Indonesian Baseball “Formation of Indonesian National Team and the latest ground information”

May 11, 2018

Sentence, photograph = kazuto Nonaka

 We introduce about the latest situation of East Asia baseball cup started on June 24 of this year this time in Hong Kong and baseball ground to use in formation and Asian Games of Indonesia national team national team participating from August 18 in Asian Games to hold in Indonesian Jakarta.

About Indonesian national team national team

 At first it was formation of Indonesian national team national team, but we summoned approximately a little less than 70 players and eight coach candidates in State of Lampung of Sumatra from the country at the beginning of March and held the first selection. Content of selection decided by federation of amateur baseball in Indonesia is as follows.

・All-play-all that we share players to four teams
・Physical fitness test

 Results in game are mainly reflected in selection of selection, and think highly of from spot side including ability for results and aptitude of player out of selection is not reflected.

 In addition, it becomes selection by command of this game about coach candidate.
 However, selection of candidate coach by game command is actually difficult, and there are not other judgment materials because we make a no signature in game by instructions from federation of amateur baseball in Indonesia. Therefore, not think highly of of aptitude ability in the actual fighting, it is the current situation that become selection by past experience level.

 The last selection was carried out at baseball ground in gurorabunkaruno general competition facilities of Jakarta founded through practice of approximately two months in such inside, State of Lampung on May 1, this year.
 New candidate player is added to member elected in the first selection to this last selection and participates in East Asia cup in members elected in the last selection. We hold selection again in the beginning of July and face Asian Games in members whom we reorganized afterwards.

About Asian Games venue ground

 Then, we introduce baseball ground becoming venue in Asian Games.
 A lot of points of non-repair will install the following points in main and main ground in gurorabunkaruno synthesis competition facilities where it is in future still more or point that received indication of improvement in inspection of federation of Asia baseball until the last time is going to repair.

・Change of color of stands inner wall and seat
・Setting of back screen
・Setting of home rear stands inner wall
・Setting of fence before dugout
・Setting of cushion rubber to outfield fence
・Maintenance of turf

 In addition, it is stage to finally put turf on baseball ground founding in rawamangun district to use as subground. It is expected that completion becomes just before Asian Games holding with both sides, but it is the current situation that it is unknown whether finished ground can meet international standard in enough.

 In addition, we publish present situation photographs such as player locker room (about locker non-setting) or shower room in ground.

 And it is ground and solar position relation that is interested a little.
 Because after measuring direction from backnet of the home rear, the sun rises in 9:00 in the morning right above part which is just located in the center back screen at 9:30, and Sun sets in backnet direction in the evening, there is concern about catching sight of setting sun at the time of the first, second base, defense of right in game in the evening.

 We explain the ground situation to people concerned of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur participated in in Asian Games by email one by one.
 In the beginning of July, it is visited Jakarta the leaders of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur, and facilities which included main ground and subground are going to be inspected.
 To player and the staff of national team team of each country which participation decides and promising national team team of future participation, we would appreciate your referring to the current situation of ground through this report so that play advances in Asian Games smoothly, and injuries do not occur.

Challenge of director
Author profile
Kazuto Nonaka
June 6, 1961 Nissei. We play Nishitokyo national team in national high school baseball championship in summer of Nihon University 3rd HighSchool attendance at school 12th grade.
We enter Nihon University physical education society hardball baseball department afterwards. We disturb physical condition in Nihon University from autumn of 10th grade and stay away from two years and finish the active baseball life. We work in Philippines, Saipan and, after the graduation from university, emigrate to Indonesian Bali in 2001. We begin to tell children of Bali baseball from 2004 and start in little league in 2005. We take office as Bali state national team coach in 2006 and, also, start in club team. We take office as director of Indonesian national team national team in 2007. We participate in championship, Asia championship of the same year as bronze medal, Asian Cup of 2009 in SEA games of 2007. We resign director of Indonesian national team national team and take office as State of east Java national team coach for local state raise afterwards. It is bronze medal in First Runner-Up, national polity preliminary skirmish of 2012 in Indonesia in Indonesian national polity preliminary of 2011 in championship, the Indonesian national polity final in the same year. And we return to director of Indonesian national team national team from 2014 and are a runner up with East Asia cup in 2015.

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