Team Report

Training camp for Samurai Japan Amateur National Team begins for the 18th Asian Games

June 21, 2018

 Training camp of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur for "the 18th Asian Games" which began in Indonesia Jakarta on June 21 began in Saeki Stadium of Saiki-shi, Oita.
 Add and welcome ceremony carried out in indoor exercise open space that was just completed from 13:45, and the staff and player gather. After ceremony Manager Akio Ishii "player who experienced Asian Championship of last year, Asia Winter League had many, but intended to organize new team. There was uneasiness of weather, but we instructed saying we will settle what's called our team in four days, and practice by 24 players who fought started Asian Games in earnest.
 Class fielder just stays to the bull pen indoors promptly, and, after warm-up, Class pitcher starts batting practice. Class fielder performs fielding practice in Saeki Stadium that weather was restored afterwards, big; deepened communication while speaking. It is only fighting players, but, as for what was elected this time, Intercity Baseball Tournament of July is bound all under the Japanese flag in a moment. Problem does not seem to have mutual understanding, too.

 "Rain stopped, and Manager Ishii who finished the first day was able to work on menu which we planned. Saying received local support, and I cut the best start; first utterance. For exhibition game with the Amateur Kyushu selection planned on 22nd on the camp second day; and "camp as team fighting in public performance unlike conventional selection camp this time. We tighten expression again and say, we perform confirmation of technique and role that this demands through game well.

 It was SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which gave glory to clean score championship in Asian Baseball Championship of last year, but Daiki Tajima (Orix), Hiroshi Suzuki (Chunichi), Yuta Fujioka (Chiba Lotte), Shunta Tanaka (giant) and others 11 became professional among key player at the time, and the members changed completely completely, too. Only as for the Katsutoshi Satake (TOYOTA) which is the oldest as for experiencing Asian Championship of last year in hill staff in particular. Is place where poorness of international experience is felt uneasy about, but "baseball to hit chance as for "the one which is necessary because Manager Ishii is opposed to powerful baseball of Korea and Chinese Taipei without giving chance." Therefore crowd of condition finally chose few players including hill staff. This 24 people talked with thing best choice in Amateur of the existing stage powerfully. For Ryoga Tomiyama (TOYOTA), Michiori Okabe (JX-ENEOS), Shohei Morishita (Hitachi), Junya Kino (NTT East Japan), Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas) elected for the first time particularly this time, we seem to put big expectation to becoming dynamo to SAMURAI JAPAN experienced person.

 As for the tomorrow's exhibition game, Yuichiro Okano (TOSHIBA) starts in advance. What kind of throw will candidate ace of the existing national team making full use of powerful straight pitch and fork as winning shot meet by? In addition, we want to pay attention to Tanaka of last year, Shoji Kitamura (TOYOTA) to make between two play in place of Fujioka, movement between Shinji play of Sho Aoyagi (Osaka Gas). Furthermore, cleanup hitter candidate of Asian Games? Who hits front and back? Interest to SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which finally sets sail does not run out.

 In addition, we give to coaching staff including Manager Ishii before welcome ceremony, and seven players who entered hold tea ball classroom targeting at approximately 60 hometown kindergarteners the day before. Children let smile split open for instruction of net income steps by players who wore Uniform of SAMURAI JAPAN.
 Camp is carried out in Saiki-shi until the morning on 24th.

Comments by Players

The captain, Asahi Satoh outfielder (TOSHIBA)

"We came here and realized when fight for Asian Games gold medal of the most big game finally began. There are camp and activity in SAMURAI JAPAN only for eight days just before this training camp, August. As we usually do it by separate teams, you must share small confirmation matter between players and you take communication as the captain well and want to raise common consciousness of all the members. Members were replaced completely last year, too, but power of unit is reliable; the Amateur top-class. We want to deepen confidence through this camp"

The 18th Asian Games

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Meeting Schedule

From August 26, 2018 to September 1

Preliminary round (Group A)

Sunday, August 26 11:00 Japan 15-0 Pakistan
Monday, August 27 16:00 Japan 17-2 China
Tuesday, August 28 11:00 Thailand 0-24 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)

Super Round

Thursday, August 30 14:00 Japan 1-5 Korea
Friday, August 31 20:30 Chinese Taipei 0-5 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Saturday, September 1 18:00 Korea 3-0 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Indonesia (Jakarta)

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Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Palembang




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