Team Report

2nd day of the training camp for Samurai Japan Amateur National Team – The team starts very well after winning its first real game with the Kyushu amateur selected team

June 22, 2018

 Training camp of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur performed for gold medal acquisition of the 18th Asian Games in Saiki-shi, Oita. We face exhibition game with the Amateur Kyushu selection in Saeki Stadium on 22nd on the second day, and SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur overwhelms 11-3 and the Kyushu selection by two-run homers of cleanup hitter, Kohei Sasagawa (Tokyo Gas). The first actual fighting by 24 players who participated in this meeting became excellent start.

 Home run of Sasagawa which jumped out in first inning beat Kyushu selection starting two seam of right arm, Ken Murata (SAIBU GAS) from two outs first base. The batted ball which met expectation of Manager Akio Ishii who declares saying "cleanup hitter goes Sasagawa by fixation" by "blow answer" bounds with lawn of the L middle. As for the SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which gained momentum in this, the bottom of the batting order adds one point of connection to second inning. We attacked left arm, Kensuke Furuichi (Umeda, Miyazaki school) of the Kyushu selection third person that control was not decided, and took third inning which continued and added four points in two points of timely hits, Sho Aoyagi (Osaka Gas) of the fifth, Junya Kino (NTT East Japan), continuation sacrifice fly of Michiori Okabe (JX-ENEOS) more. We add four points and decide the situation of game by fifth inning in the early stages without overlooking control shortage of partner battery in fifth inning.

 Point where new force that Manager Ishii expected to to "dynamo" in the batting order functioned is reassuring. Fifth, ki* gave off two points of above-mentioned PH as if one point of second inning was timely hit of Shohei Morishita (Hitachi), and we were detonated by contact in third inning by national team's first hit of third, Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas). As for Manager Ishii, "player who tried gave result in this. Saying as Chikamoto adapted to the third, want to see in the actual fighting a little more; as for saying is; state of response enough.

 Hill staff relays in Yuichiro Okano (TOSHIBA), Ryoga Tomiyama (TOYOTA), Yudai Aranishi (Honda Kumamoto), 4 pitcher of Takumi Takahashi (Nippon Life Insurance Company); 3 Run. Okano who played from the first inning closes point though we throw third inning and take three hits and showed off no Run and an inborn sense of stability, but Masanori Sugiura coach in charge of pitcher raises problem saying "time suffered though we get out after driving". We point out, "balance to come from straining is not still more original state" about the second person Toyama that was third inning 1 Run, wild Nishi of second inning 2 Run. May say student of own team to Takahashi which vinegared the last; "is one barometer whether get wide swing. We are severer in this sense saying it is not at all original ball. But as "is beaten, and may learn, and it is necessary to know what happens to us when was beaten. Time to stay away from the actual fighting now. We catch the current situation in forward looking saying state should return if we repeat games.

"How about the situation, and victory strengthens team. Manager Ishii said, we feel that we were able to step forward to the next steppe. Anyway, it is one win of sailing. By exhibition game with the planned Kyushu selection, grew up more tomorrow; must turn up.

 In addition, this day caught fielding practice with local Saeki Fengnan High School Baseball member that Amateur acted as assistant of game. Comment "that which "we can practice with players of SAMURAI JAPAN and feel better than before practice" was fun though we were tense" is put from high school student. "Local contribution of SAMURAI JAPAN" to advocate in this camp seems to go steadily.

Comments by Players

Kohei Sasagawa outfielder (Tokyo Gas)

It "is two seam to have beaten (about initiative two run homer of first inning). We think that we were able to give that "we play with aggressiveness without being afraid of failure" that we keep in mind in national team. Because it is Japan National Team, strange erarerukoto power is pursued in flow by blow in cleanup hitter hitters. We are satisfied about today's result in this sense as we were able to make flow of game with blow of first inning. We try hard without being satisfied with today's result as oneself wants to hit cleanup hitter and thinks that oneself must hit cleanup hitter by this team to contribute to team more"

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