Team Report

3rd day of the training camp for Samurai Japan Amateur National Team – They spend quality time despite the preseason game which was cancelled due to rain

June 23, 2018

 Of Masatake Yamanaka, chairperson of Baseball Federation of Japan which entered this day venue (SAMURAI JAPAN reinforcement general manager) "Samurai must be champion in all categories. The training camp third day of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which result received powerful message, we came naturally if we fought with sportsmanship, and started with heart of Respect for baseball. Unfortunately exhibition game with the planned Amateur Kyushu selection was called off because of rain, but team practices the whole in the morning in indoor exercise open space and it faces Little League classroom from the afternoon and spends substantial time.

 At first, in Little League classroom which invites children of 254 13 teams in local Saiki-shi, Oita, and was performed, Ryo Kinami (NIPPON EXPRESS) and Shoji Kitamura (TOYOTA) show copybook of play catch, and cleanup hitter hitters, Kohei Sasagawa (Tokyo Gas) of Japan National Team shows model of swing. Eyes of children who brightened eyes concentrate on Japan National Team Members starting by gesture gesture carefully. All the children hit, and figure which player of SAMURAI JAPAN taught to in man-to-man here was seen, and Manager Akio Ishii oneself acted as blow pitcher, and beautiful sound continued sounding in harmonious atmosphere afterwards.
 It be revealed to pitcher, catcher, infielder, outfielder in the latter half and develops fiery zeal instruction that players of SAMURAI JAPAN brought laughter into at each position while Shigeki Wakabayashi coach from Saiki-shi heaps up venue in the part of progress. Expression of children whom hardness was seen in in the first half gradually softened and indoor exercise open space was filled with smile of baseball boy and players of SAMURAI JAPAN and overflowed.
 Rubber-ball ball which used cap of SAMURAI JAPAN for all participating teams in classroom is distributed to all the children who participated.

 We performed batting practice that Wakabayashi coach acted as blow pitcher to infield knock, machine two places after warm-up in the morning. Hill staff enters the bull pen led by member that there was not pitch by Isamu Usui (Tokyo Gas), exhibition game of Makoto Hori (NTT East Japan) and others yesterday, too. In addition, Tsuru Saeki castle High School baseball club which is old school of Wakabayashi coach participates in today's practice and sweats with longed-for Japan National Team Members.

 As for Saeki camp, tomorrow is the last day. After having performed whole practice in Saeki Stadium from 9:00, players are dissolved at noon and return to own team. Many players will prepare for Intercity Baseball Tournament of July.

Comments by Players

Katsutoshi Satake pitcher (TOYOTA)

"I participated in the Little League of Hideki Kuriyama (existing Nippon-Ham director) in the days of child (finish Little League lesson), too and have been taught baseball by ball player. Admiration to baseball player whom we felt to be in then turned into aim later. When child is small, we do not forget to have been taught by baseball player. If today's experience becomes bread that they continue playing baseball, we are glad. We think that a lot of players young (finish the camp third day) can do with very good atmosphere. Pitcher experiencing Asian Championship of last year has only me. It has been over without using up own power when I became representative for the first time. We intend to convey own experience thoroughly so that member whom we joined this time shows power of as much as possible in public performance"

Outfielder Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas)

"We had participated in baseball lesson (finish Little League lesson) by own team, but, as is expected, as for the eyes of children for player of "SAMURAI JAPAN", there was special thing. It was valuable time when we were able to feel significance of carrying oneself, the Japanese flag on the back more. (participation national team's first this time) thank teammate who welcomed oneself who joined national team very last. Of course it wants to learn higher consciousness on seeing play of players of the circumference to enhance own play without becoming diffident"

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