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The 4-day training camp for Samurai Japan Amateur National Team is closed – “We reaped a big harvest,” says Manager Akio Ishii

June 24, 2018

 Training camp of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur aiming at the first Asian Games gold medal acquisition in 24 years finished schedule of 4 days safely since 94.
 As for this day on the last day, practice starts under the fine weather which bad weather and PH on the day before turned into. Players working on free blow against Shigeki Wakabayashi coach, Masanori Sugiura coach after warm-up. We let beautiful sound affect blue sky in sequence as if we cleared ourselves from pent-up anger that exhibition game with the Kyushu selection planned on the third day was called off. We confirm careful cooperation by camp first playing according to a manager's signal now afterwards. Finally, we close 4-day camp by fielding practice.

 During four days, we were cursed in the rain for two days, but player has finished digesting all menus aloud so that we were interested by the leadership of the Asahi Satoh captain (TOSHIBA). Manager Akio Ishii "was able to grasp both Strong point and weak point. We generalize for next camp and public performance saying crop was big. It may be said that "local contribution" gave result "mutual understanding and cooperation" "unifying as SAMURAI JAPAN" that Manager Ishii just advocated on theme of camp steadily.

 The staff and players who finished practice of the morning were dissolved in Saiki-shi at 12:00, and each was sent back to team team. SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur joins in camp to begin on August 18 after Intercity Baseball Tournament of July just before that again. We digest exhibition game three games including game with the Chiba Lotte Marines 2 forces in Schedule and leave for Indonesia for Asian Games baseball competition to begin on 26th.
 At the time of returning home on September 3, let's hope that golden medal is worn to neck of SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur.


Masatake Yamanaka SAMURAI JAPAN reinforcement general manager (Baseball Federation of Japan chairperson)

"SAMURAI JAPAN must always shine. We may shine by winning, but with that alone are insufficient. When all the members faced with most important challenge feeling by feeling to think of sports including baseball carefully, pride and a sense of responsibility as National team players and sports, we think that we give off true brightness. "After all, for approach having you think, Samurai is different", we will expect from now on

Manager Akio Ishii

"Asahi Satoh (TOSHIBA), Shoji Kitamura (TOYOTA), Ryo Kinami (NIPPON EXPRESS) of the captain played a key role and were able to spend four days with good atmosphere. We told players when "we want you to challenge more and more because you might fail in this camp". As it performs finish as team after August began, it becomes important not to be gathered up snugly now. Hesitation was still seen in hill staff, but conversations that were forward looking increased in the entire team. Observing eye is demanded from each one at the first environment, the first meeting. We do not depend on somebody and want you to show power of "it is with mind" voluntarily. Because it is only player with ability only for it"

The Asahi Satoh (TOSHIBA) captain

"One game had been able to sit on exhibition game, but we had been going to do it in limited time and came. After all we realize that victory (Kyushu selection war) on the second day intensified Solidarity of team as it strengthens unity of team to win. It is fuller of problems for the Asia conquest. As you think that it is demanded that we make use of a few chances in score by Asian Games and protect and win, you must bring throw, fielding of pitcher close to more perfect state. About base running, it is necessary to increase means to give pressure to partner a little more, and to polish. We win Asian Games gold medal which it becomes 24 years since the last and want to carve this member with the name for history and fight with all the members without forgetting a sense of duty giving status of amateur baseball" to

The 18th Asian Games

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Meeting Schedule

From August 26, 2018 to September 1

Preliminary round (Group A)

Sunday, August 26 11:00 Japan 15-0 Pakistan
Monday, August 27 16:00 Japan 17-2 China
Tuesday, August 28 11:00 Thailand 0-24 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)

Super Round

Thursday, August 30 14:00 Japan 1-5 Korea
Friday, August 31 20:30 Chinese Taipei 0-5 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Saturday, September 1 18:00 Korea 3-0 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Indonesia (Jakarta)

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