Player introduction

Introduction of U-18 primary candidate players (Fielders) / 16 best players including two members who have played globally

June 27, 2018

 30 the first candidates of SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 which participated in "the twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship" started on September 3 in Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki until 9th were announced on June 20. We divide all 30 players into the front latter part this time and introduce. Following the first part which introduced 14 hill staff, the latter part wants to introduce 16 fielders.

"Samurai soul" that Kyota Fujiwara and Kaito Kozono succeed

 As for 16 fielders elected this time by candidate SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 first player, all the members are third graders. Breakdown according to position became two catchers, 11 infielders, three outfielders. And Kyota Fujiwara (Osaka Toin, outfielder) and Kaito Kozono (Hotoku school, infielder) which fought as second grader in "the 28th WBSC U-18 World Cup" of last year linked the name for 2 consecutive years.

 Fujiwara has been annoyed by knee ache by High School Baseball Championship since Kinki meeting of last autumn, but completely take taping in Kagawa Japan High School Baseball Federation invitation game held on 17th on June 16; is 4 home runs by four games. Base running and defense that we made use of swift horse of 50 meters of 5.7 seconds in return to kancho and seem to be able to face in perfect state in September.

 Kozono participates in U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2015 in Bo, Hirakata is 12th grade. And we participated in the 28th WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup last year and achieved entering SAMURAI JAPAN in two generations. Showed blow that is sure and speedy defense as the second and the ninth hitters mainly in the university's meeting, but strengthen power side that was as problem this year, is 29 high school home runs in total on meeting end of time in spring. Possibility of lead-off man and axis used is thought about.
 Player who these two people are reliable for SAMURAI JAPAN U-18, Manager Hiroharu Nagata, and is special. To change tears which we shed in Canada Thunder Bay to delight in Miyazaki. Role to pull the succession and team of "Samurai soul" will be demanded from Fujiwara and Kozono let alone play.

"Koshien star" to top acquisition of Asia

 In addition, familiar member linked the name in infielders in Akira Neo (Osaka Toin), Koshien such as Yuki Nomura (Hanasaki Tokuharu) Taiki Hamada (Meiho).

 When throw root tail; fastballs of fastest 148 kilos and cut ball more than 130 kilos to weapon for 2 consecutive years in High School Baseball Championship championship pitcher. We have a good reputation for 24 high school home runs in total, shortstop defense that had strong throwing arm and lightness as hitters. When meeting takes example in fighting in 18 players, in all positions, as for the versatility of root tail to be able to protect, it seems to be big strength other than the catcher.

 Nomura is six games as cleanup hitter hitters of Hanasaki Tokuharu last summer; six runs batted in of 2 home runs, batting average. To summer Koshien championship central figure that Saitama condition of a prefecture becomes naive with 520. We repeat home runs and record 52 high school home runs in total at Kanto meeting afterwards for season in this spring. Pitcher includes strong throwing arm who can throw in fastballs of fastest 146 kilos, and the third baseman and additional post of pitcher are possible, too.

 Hamada of 45 high school home runs (at June 17) in total is also 15 at bats of nine hits, batting average by Koshien three games of last summer. We contribute to entering last eight of team by 600, 2 home runs, nine runs batted in of rampage. Furthermore, what record home run at state meeting on last autumn, this spring 9, and show strength by superlative performance is suitable for representatives.

Catcher, infielder, outfielder, best are elected together

 Let's move eyes to remaining 11 players. At first it is catcher. Kohei Koizumi (Osaka Toin) features tenacious lead that came through strong throwing arm good hit and various scenes of bloodshed. High School Baseball Championship a little over four were containing, and triple east Ryota contributed by good lead to draw characteristic of plural hill staff.

 Outfielder is two people other than Fujiwara. Takuya Hiruma (Urawa academy) does not have Koshien experience, but get on the bench since first grader; outfielder of strong throwing arm heavy blow. We showed bottom of the ninth inning the real ability to hit tie score home run by game with prefectural tournament Final Game, Hanasaki Tokuharu of this year. On the other hand, Kajita lotus (Mie) had blow technology that could cope with fast pitch of the 140 kilos level of good hit well and supported three folds of entering a little over four with High School Baseball Championship as lead-off man.

 The captain, Wataru Hioki of Nihon Univ. three is elected in infielders by primary national team candidate, too. Initiative home run which becomes meeting 1 by Yuri mechanic war of High School Baseball Championship. Even game with semifinals, Joso academy of Kanto meeting gives off equalizer in bottom of the ninth inning in spring and has game strength at the last moment.

 High School Baseball Championship a little over four, positive pole boldness that Yuki Komatsu guards blow and shortstop, and aggressive lead-off man of fighting Tokai University Sagami goes through North Kanagawa meeting this summer in all of base running sides are charm. Large size slugger that rinko* (chibenwakasan) of 41 home runs gives off home run at the time of the spring Kinki meeting end consecutively in Koshien for 2 seasons. Third base defense full of spirit gives force in team, too.

 In addition, Ryo Ota (Tenri) contributes to entering Koshien a little over four in large shortstops of heavy blow stonewalling defense last summer. He participates in U-15 Asia Challenge Match 2015 with Kozono in Bo, Habikino is 12th grade, and he also aims at entering SAMURAI JAPAN in the second generation continuation. Large shortstop that Ryuhei Obata (Nobeoka school) had high bat control and stable throwing technology. In addition, meeting is kyu﨑kenkaisai now. We want to accomplish entering SAMURAI JAPAN as local star.

 Furthermore, Kenta Yamada (Osaka Toin) is large second baseman of 183 centimeters of 83 kilos, but plays first baseman, the third baseman well. And existence of leader of the Osaka Toin group that six of 30 people were performed entry of by primary candidate is Takuya Nakagawa. In national team team which must settle team in a short term, ability for captaincy becomes big strength. In addition, it will be element that defense that can protect blow that we hid blow in and all the infielders at high level is indispensable to short term decisive battle.

 But National team players of meeting is going to elect 18 from the inside that added the situation of each caucus, Koshien of the 100th whole country high school baseball championship memory meeting not approximately 30 candidate this primary national team some other time now. Primary national team candidate players do pride on chest this summer, and, as for the other players, SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 investigates best lines to Asia top acquisition of 2 meeting continuation sixth in fight that is high level that we convert admiration to national team to play.

The twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship

Overview Players

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Japan High School National Team vs. Japan Collegiate National Team

Meeting Schedule

From September 3, 2018 to September 10

Group A

Monday, September 3 18:00 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Tuesday, September 4 18:00 Sri Lanka 0-15 Japan
Wednesday, September 5 18:00 Japan 1-3 Korea

Super Round

Friday, September 7 18:00 Chinese Taipei 3-1 Japan
Saturday, September 8 18:00 Japan (Cancelled) China

3rd Place Match

Monday, September 10 13:00 Japan 14-1 China


Japan (Miyazaki)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka

Group B
China, Chinese Taipei, Pakistan, Indonesia




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