Team Report

SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 second try out be suitable for end Asian Championship straight victory; 15 best to the election

July 1, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 which aims at meeting the second straight victory in "the tenth BFA U-12 Asian Championship" held in Chinese Taipei, Taipei City for 13-19 days in August. The second try to select 15 members was out (Kanto venue) and, on July 1, was held at Tokyo ground.
 Following Kansai venue where 15 people gathered in Nippon Life Insurance Company baseball club ground of Osaka on June 17, 29 people gather this time from each area around East Japan. Participant is players selected by "SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 all-Japan joint try out - digital challenge ..." by recommendation from public interest incorporated foundation Japan Softball Baseball Association, each metropolis and districts Branch and general application.

 8:20. At first record intense heat speaks to SAMURAI JAPAN U-12, Manager Toshihisa Nishi who appeared before try out life that attaches bibb, and got ready with calm expression taking into consideration the continuing weather saying "person who has a pain where in person and body which became ill-conditioned it is tell the staff without enduring" and relaxes strain of try out students. And, after light warm-up, we assigned six kinds of field-tests.

 A 30m race that the first measures in addition in passage time of 10m. Base running that the second runs through diamond of 10m between base to home. The third is L/R and medicine ball throw to turn the back, and to give up.

 Test item where the sixth kind measures aptitude of each position from the fourth kind. Pitcher appropriate test which throws by two-step from distance of 20m if there is no step, and measures speed of a pitched ball each. Infielder aptitude test to be involved in sequentially that marker employed in the ground was appointed as low center of gravity. Furthermore, we ran while running backward to see aptitude of outfielder, and the back cross stroke to change direction of body on the way was performed.

 We guard following field-test and practice. Catcher performed throwing that assumed bunt processing and steal after all players received knock of third, shortstop, second base and the outfield, and part in the morning was finished.

 After lunch, it is reopened in the afternoon by batting. Each player lets beautiful sound sound by batting practice that Manager Hitoshi and Ryu Kawabata coach of the cause, Yakult pitcher act as batting pitcher.

 Pitching with battery also entering the bull pen as for the last menu. The leaders having recorded the fastest dakedenaku average speed of a pitched ball after the speed gun measurement as for what stood out here. After having talked about the intention saying "of course with that alone we do not evaluate that ball should be fast even if only one pitch threw very fast ball to several pitches", Manager Hitoshi exhibits selection standard successively saying "it is difficult for control to choose bad pitcher as there is PC limit at meeting". Furthermore, we revealed blueprint to Asia straight victory about selection standard of fielder in the U-12 generation saying "we want to choose player whom body could guard with player who did not move slightly and own rhythm even if we controlled own body well than we sometimes hit the big batted ball and swung".

 SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 leaders formation who finished all try out menus, and stood before try out life again. At first when Manager Hitoshi encouraged saying "player who player who was not chosen as national team had confidence in having been called by this place, and was chosen as national team wants you to have awareness", Kawabata coach was about to say, "we want to review with reflection of today's try out and to keep alive in the future baseball life", and Yuta Takahashi coach encouraged more saying "it was try out only for 1st, but wants to tell friends who were waiting after we came back to team thing which it absorbed as you thought that there was new discovery and to come to like baseball more".

 Finally they hand result of field-test carried out in the morning to each participant, and all trips are finished. By the way, the mean of players that it was is written down to Asia champion on paper which these results were listed in in the last time before 11th grade, and hurdle which players should aim at next comes to know.

 The second try out performed in this in Kansai and 2 venues of Kanto is finished. "There were a lot of players of good material. 15 people elected from 44 try out participants under the policy that thinks that pitcher half becomes player whom there is soon (Manager Hitoshi) of member in the middle of this month are going to enter the first step to U-12 Asian Championship straight victory and training camp that it is.

The tenth BFA U12 Asian Championship


Meeting Schedule

From August 13, 2018 to August 19

Group A

Monday, August 13, 2018 19:30 Chinese Taipei 8-4 Japan
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 15:30 Japan 21-0 Indonesia
Wednesday, August 15, 2018 15:00 Japan 12-2 Sri Lanka
※The start time Japan time (Chinese Taipei: at time difference -1 time)


Friday, August 17, 2018 18:00 Korea 4-3 Japan
Saturday, August 18, 2018 15:30 Japan 16-1 Pakistan
※The start time Japan time (Chinese Taipei: at time difference -1 time)

3rd Place Match

Sunday, August 19, 2018 15:30 Japan 10-0 Pakistan
※The start time Japan time (Chinese Taipei: at time difference -1 time)


Chinese Taipei (Taipei City)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Chinese Taipei, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

Group B
Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong, India




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