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World Baseball – Baseball in Nepal, a country that faces the Himalayan Mountains to its north. “The road to the Tokyo Olympic Games”

July 2, 2018

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 It is Nepal which came second in "PRESIDENTIAL CUP" performed in India in April, but still shows upsurge as we introduced in the last column. Program which featured Nepalese national team team in "ACTION SPORTS" which was TV station specialized in sports of Nepal was broadcasted the other day. It is rare thing that program of such a baseball is broadcasted in Nepal. In addition, new baseball group is established, and establishment ceremony shows makuwampuru county in eastern Nepal performed new development with officer of Nepalese baseball softball association and Nepalese National team players. And world rankings of world baseball softball league (WBSC) announced on June 1 increased from the last 73rd place to the 62nd place.

 International meeting that such a national team team participates in next becomes Nishi Asian Cup of the next year. This meeting is meeting to lead to the Tokyo Olympics of 2020. It is baseball that served as revival at the Tokyo Olympics, but there are few participation frames with six countries. As Japan is decided to undergo participation as host country, we will compete for five of the remainder all over the world. Therefore we want to introduce the distance to Olympics participation this time.

 We have been already announced by WBSC, but meeting to become preliminary of the Olympics is following four.

 ・Premiere 12 (November, 2019 holding)
 ・African / Europe preliminary
 ・American continent preliminary
 ・Intercontinental preliminary

 At first two countries are decided by premiere 12, and for each one country is fixed in African / Europe preliminary and American continent preliminary, and last one country is fixed in Intercontinental preliminary afterwards. With respect to Asia, premium 12 and Intercontinental preliminary become preliminary to select participation country of the Olympics as. However, it is necessary to fight successfully through so various meetings to participate in both meetings.

 At first it is premiere 12, but high rank 12 countries of WBSC world ranking announced last of 2018 participate in this meeting. WBSC world ranking is decided by results of international meeting of WBSC official recognition for the past 4 years. PRESIDENTIAL CUP of April was one, too. However, Nepal is the 62nd place, and participation to premiere 12 is not realistic now.

 Therefore, course left for Nepal is Intercontinental preliminary. We are divided into East Asia and 2 districts of Nishi Asia as "Asia baseball championship" and the preceding paragraph once in 11th grade in Asia, and "East Asia cup" and "Nishi Asian Cup" are performed. Asia baseball championship of 2019 is meeting to decide participation country to Intercontinental preliminary, and, on the next time, high rank two countries (except country which has already decided Olympics participation) of meeting participate in Intercontinental preliminary. In addition, Asia baseball championship is competed for in eight countries which added Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei, China to East Asia cup and host country for Nishi Asian Cup each and championship country in total if it is the last street.

 East Asia cup is held soon in Hong Kong from June 24 through 28th. In addition, schedule of Nishi Asian Cup is fixed at September. For many countries, these meetings become the first step to lead to the Olympics. We win the championship at meeting except that we get Nishi Asian Cup host country frame so that Nepal participates in the Olympics and attain a full victory in Asian Championship, and it is necessary to win the championship at Intercontinental preliminary more. In other words, for Nepal, it is not exaggeration even if Nishi Asian Cup of the next year says substantial primary preliminary. It is the distance that is the severest for present Nepal even if we do in Intercontinental preliminary even if we make premiere 12. However, the person concerned pushes forward ground construction in Nepal for not only the Tokyo Olympics but also development of the later baseball in Nepal. We want trend of future baseball in Nepal to pay attention.

World Baseball



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