Team Report

Foreign game 6 successive victory tightening before SAMURAI JAPAN Women's camp fourth day public performance

July 2, 2018

SAMURAI JAPAN Women's aiming at the sixth straight victory faced in "8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup" (August 22-31 days, Florida, America) in HARD OFF ECO stadium Niigata after four days of training camp on 2nd.

 Warm-up Game with open intending to tread the path of learning garden High School that we performed from 5:00 p.m. won in 4-0 and closed six foreign games before public performance by clean score.

 Game made young person-based order in the last. Saying "wanted to see how fought inside except veteran and the nucleus"; Manager Megumi Kitta. We assumed case that included accident in key player and took off the Ayaka Deguchi captain (Hanamaui), Iori Miura outfielder (Flora), outfielder Tomomi Nakada (Dione) from the forerunner.

 Average age 19.9-year-old starter made a start that it had good good omen. Ririka Tabata catcher (the Orio love truth) is initial RBI hit in bottom of the first inning 2 out 1B, second base to left front. But we cannot readily grasp initiative without assuming pinch, and the batting order being connected by mistake when they protect after second inning.

 At the time of the bottom of the forth inning end, manifesto was blown off from manager at last. "Neither veteran nor young person matters since they carry the Japanese flag on their back". We did not depend on person and appealed to want you to have strong readiness that oneself pulled team and broke numerical inferiority.

 The words worked. Flow changes completely when we come through pinch of top of the fifth inning no outs first base by grounder to 3B double play. The back, top Miku Kitayama outfielder (Riseisha RECTOVENUS) get to first base by second base infield fly and let stealing second succeed without thinning. When Miwa Tanaka infielder (Asahitrust) who followed selected exquisite bunt hit as third-base line and widened good opportunity, we took long-awaited another point away by squeeze of Nozomi Abe infielder (Hanamaui). Furthermore, we added two points by two-base hits at left wing line good time of Yuki Kawabata infielder (Astraia).

"We want to judge that we were able to take three points there. But we want young person to learn calling from veteran. Manager demanded further awareness and growth of young players so far saying we should have felt how you had you pull.

 This day which became the last foreign game before public performance tested new option of position. We appointed Asaka Tsuru (Reia) which was the only left-hander in "the eighth, first base" and invested Abe in second base from third base for the first time. Abe who followed second base by own team handled 4 degrees defense opportunity including double play of 5-4-3 passably.

 Current which protected first base with glove for pitcher scooped short bound throw neatly. We handled defense opportunity of seven times without mistake saying "we were tense as the first baseman only protected in practice of March or April once, but thought to play the part as usual". We might participate as outfielder by own team and decided sacrifice bunt in turn at bat and hit one hit.

 Manager Kitta reveals about used of current saying "the first baseman has you say even to outsider in being pinpoint for pitcher". Current intends to practice almost first base without experience until now, too. We push forward preparations saying "we take first baseman's mitt to the United States".

 Other than current, Ami Sakahara (Kyoto Ryoyo High School) has been tested as outfielder in pitcher, too. We let first base, Tabata experience the outfield to Yuka Ogata catcher (Riseisha RECTOVENUS) in catchers. As for six infielders, all the members can follow plural positions. Manager Kitta nods saying it is saying "we can feel relieved when options increase in going in 20 people". We can make free order by Opponent and condition.

 We have a strong consciousness of players. Doubleheader lasted two days, and fatigue was off for peak during the morning of this day. Still five players apply for *da. Ogata, the Tanaka beauty, Kitayama, Yaya Kojima infielder (International Pacific University), Harue Yoshii infielder (Riseisha RECTOVENUS) received instruction of Katsuhiko Kido head coaches. We connected bat with result in transfer, Warm-up Game with open intending to tread the path of learning garden High School desperately for one hour.

 On 3rd on the last day of Niigata, it becomes the last whole practice before visit to the United States. Is spear zan Shiga; if let's be, perform mop-up carefully.

8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 22, 2018 to August 31

Opening round

The Wednesday, August 22 23:00 Japan 8-0 Dominican Republic
Thursday, August 23 23:00 0-23, Hong Kong Japan
Saturday, August 25 7:00 Japan 2-1 Canada
Sunday, August 26 7:00 Cuba 1-4 Japan
Monday, August 27 7:00 Japan 5-1 Australia
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round

The Wednesday, August 29 7:00 Japan 3-0 United States
Thursday, August 30 2:00 Japan 2-1 Chinese Taipei
Thursday, August 30 22:00 Japan 10-0 Venezuela
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


Saturday, September 1, 2018 7:00 Japan 6-0 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


The United States (Florida)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
United States, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Netherlands, Puerto Rico

Group B
Japan, Canada, Australia, Cuba, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic




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