Game Report

Starter Morishita pitches for scoreless 5 innings with one hit, allowing the team to nicely win the first game with shutout relay

July 4, 2018

 On July 3 (Japan time 4th), "the 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series" began in BB&T Ball Park of United States, North Carolina. Now that the United States of 11th grade continuation became held, as for the first match of meeting, SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team wins with one to 0. We won pitchers' battle and cut victory start for the 19th championship that it was such 2 meetings.

 Masato Morishita (Meiji University) that what was left the forerunner of first match to became participation of 2 meeting continuations. We interlace breaking ball, and tempo builds mountain of easy out by throw to let you beat, and to take in fastballs of the 140 kilos level latter half from first inning well. On the other hand, the batting order is scoreless, and they are over without knocking down forerunner Parish of American Collegiate National Team though first inning, second inning and opening batsman get to first base by hit.

 Yuma Tongu (Asia University) resists from dying first base well back to the opposite direction, and four times of batting orders which wants to support Morishita who continues pitching well make 1, chance of third base. It becomes two outs 2, third base by strikeout and battery error, and Shunya Iwaki (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.) shoots the batted ball to third-base outfield, but Stott protecting shortstop catches nicely, and Jean Ping is slow afterwards. Zero equalled scoreboard without being able to master initiative chance.

 However, Yukiya Ito (Rissho Univ.) gives off hit to center in chance that rotated again when we push forward runner in scoring position by hit of sixth inning, hit by pitch and Ryosuke Tatsumi (Ritsumeikan Univ.) and contains the long-awaited first goal.

 Throw to be scoreless, and to control Yuki Tsumori (Tohoku Fukushi Univ.), seventh inning in sixth inning as for the SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which wants to protect reed as it is though Hiromi Ito (Tomakomai Komazawa Univ.) permits hit each. We came through Kento Ogo (Tokai University) which went up from eighth inning in mound in push no Run though we assumed 1, pinch of third base.
 Hiroshi Kaino (Toyo Univ.) held the last inning in check for tripartite easy retire mainly on straight pitch more than 150 kilos and we built complete blockade relay and followed one point and pulled. Starting Morishita is the weight winning pitcher in no Run with one hit of fifth inning. We gave off nine hits, and, as for the problem, hill staff whom Manager Tsutomu Ikuta estimated as "high level" after camp although he stayed held out in the batting order of 1 score and turned to championship by United States holding since the 36th meeting in 2007 and at first had one win in our hand.

 As for the next war, Game 2 is started at 7:05 in North Carolina Durham Bulls athletic park on Thursday on 5th in Japan time.

The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From July 4, 2018 to July 10

Game 1 Wednesday, July 4 8:05 United States 0-1 Japan
The Game 2 Thursday, July 5 7:05 Japan 0-1 United States
Game 3 Saturday, July 7 8:00 United States 3-1 Japan
Game 4 Monday, July 9 6:00 United States 7-6 Japan
The Game 5 Tuesday, July 10 3:30 Japan 4-3 United States
※The start time Japan time (the United States: at time difference -13 time)


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Japan - United States

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