Game Report

The batting order permits the silence end game score, and the forerunner, Matsumoto loses close battle in seventh inning 16K of the best part

July 5, 2018

"The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series" Game 2 was carried out in the United States, North Carolina Durham Bulls athletic park on 4th (Japan time 5th). It was SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which won straight victories, and wanted to take check, but the batting order remained silent before American Collegiate National Team hill staff and lost with 0 to one.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which replaced the batting order from the day before. It is controlled in no-hit to third inning without catching throw of starting Hess thrown in by person of high stature of 198 centimeters though we put Shoki Katsumata (International Budo Univ.) to Daigo Kamikawabata (Nihon Univ.), the seventh to the second.
 Start that takes strikeout by straight pitch on the heels of 150 kilos in sequence while the forerunner, Wataru Matsumoto (Nippon Sport Science Univ.) of SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team interlaces breaking ball. We finish third inning and show one hit of no Run 7 striking out and throw of the best part and become pitchers' battle again following the day before.

 As for the game, it is stopped approximately one hour by rain which it has begun to rain before start of forth inning. Is done crushing blow with ball which floated to opening batsman latch man rather high while control is not decided as for the Matsumoto after the resumption; two-base hit of left fence direct hit. We cut this later hitters for strikeout in tripartite continuation and took though it caused pinch of no outs second base and controlled the United States batting order by throw not to let influence of interruption feel.

 When sixth inning which we reached, Ryosuke Kodama (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.) of opening batsman take a posture of bunt and shake without game changing and choose walk, we steal without thinning. We make dying 1, chance of third base with sacrifice bunt and hit by pitch. However, as for the batted ball of upper Kawahata, slight flied out to CF, continuing Ryosuke Tatsumi (Ritsumeikan Univ.) are scoreless by infield grounder again. Another one does not appear though we send the runner, and game advances without being able to take score.

 We throw seventh inning, and starting Matsumoto entrusts relief with mound by contents of three hits of 16 striking out. Hiromi Ito (Tomakomai Komazawa Univ.) holds eighth inning in check in three up three down without possibility of danger, and ninth inning gets hitters which continues though Kento Ogo (Tokai University) permits opening batsman hit out on struck out swinging, flied out to RF.
 However, to line light as for the batted ball which American Collegiate National Team sixth Jean threw from two outs. Do not slightly arrive though Toshiya Sato (Toyo Univ.) stretches out hand; timely three-base hit. This became the final goal. Finally, is held in check by three up three down, game-set. We dropped close battle without being able to support the batting order with only two hits in hill staff who continued pitching well.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which just assumed results of meeting one win one defeat. Game 3 is started at 8:00 a.m. at Georgia hiss trick Grayson stadium on Saturday on 7th in Japan time.

The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series

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Meeting Schedule

From July 4, 2018 to July 10

Game 1 Wednesday, July 4 8:05 United States 0-1 Japan
The Game 2 Thursday, July 5 7:05 Japan 0-1 United States
Game 3 Saturday, July 7 8:00 United States 3-1 Japan
Game 4 Monday, July 9 6:00 United States 7-6 Japan
The Game 5 Tuesday, July 10 3:30 Japan 4-3 United States
※The start time Japan time (the United States: at time difference -13 time)


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