Game Report

We miss championship by defeat 3 straight defeat without one step amounting though we are close to within the end game

July 9, 2018

"The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series" Game 4 was carried out in United States, Georgia luser Williams Field on 8th (Japan time 9th). Fight that we meet by one win two defeats, and championship of America is decided on if we lose. SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team was defeated with six to seven without one step amounting though we were close to within the end game and missed championship by 3 straight defeats.

 Game planned on the day before is poor in ground caused by rainy weather; in Cancelled. Game held as Game 4 reversed itself from pitchers' battle until Game 3, and it was development that both teams alignment 3 home run jumped out.

 The batting order which got on force attacks forerunner parante of United States Collegiate National Team, and third inning, Motoki Mukoyama (Hosei University) which just stood in turn at bat which meeting has never met put up to left field when they give off initiative solo homer.  We hit, and Ryosuke Kodama (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.) adds timely to center one point when we make chance of two outs second base triggered by walk. Furthermore, Teruaki Sato (Kinki University) scores the first these three points of times by timely two-base hit to between the right and center.

 Wataru Matsumoto (Nippon Sport Science Univ.) which the first departure of SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team was Game 2, and did seventh inning no Run 16 striking out and climax. We show tenacity though we send the runner every time and control this day in no Run to fifth inning while control is not decided. However, is hit and sacrifice fly when give sixth inning, opening batsman walk; Run. To take home run to the ninth Stott from two outs first base, and to write game.  Furthermore, we are exposed to timely two-base hit and permit three to five and net win when we invite pinch to seventh inning by walk and hit.

 When Ryosuke Kodama (Kyushu Sangyo Univ.) gets to first base by safe bunt, eight times of SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team running after two points gives back one point in Yukiya Ito (Rissho Univ.), consecutive hits of Toshiya Sato (Toyo Univ.). However, the back, Kento Ogo (Tokai University) are exposed to two run homer in the second Fletcher and are pushed again.
 When ninth inning makes two outs 1, chance of third base triggered by hit of Ryosuke Tatsumi (Ritsumeikan Univ.) of the captain, Ryosuke Aizawa (Meiji University) of pinch hitter is second base infield fly. Though two bad throws are piled up, and Tatsumi, 2 people of Nagi Yonemitsu (Naragakuen Univ.) catch up for one point of home straight bringing back, counterattack to here. Finally, Itou fell infield fly, and championship of America was decided without one step amounting.

 Game 5 to become transfer of planned game is held the day before in stronghold of MLB Atlanta Braves, Georgia SunTrust park from 3:30 a.m. on 10th Tuesday in Japan time. Toward the 29th Haarlem Baseball Week 2018 (July 13-22 days / Netherlands) beginning on 13th, we want to end meeting by victory now.

The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From July 4, 2018 to July 10

Game 1 Wednesday, July 4 8:05 United States 0-1 Japan
The Game 2 Thursday, July 5 7:05 Japan 0-1 United States
Game 3 Saturday, July 7 8:00 United States 3-1 Japan
Game 4 Monday, July 9 6:00 United States 7-6 Japan
The Game 5 Tuesday, July 10 3:30 Japan 4-3 United States
※The start time Japan time (the United States: at time difference -13 time)


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Japan - United States

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