Game Report

We win hill staff extension tie-break which showed tenacity and give glory to final match with victory

July 10, 2018

"The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series" Game 5 was held in stronghold of MLB Atlanta Braves, Georgia SunTrust park on 9th (Japan time 10th). As for the game, SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team gave glory to final match with victory with four to three after extension tie-break.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team which lost for game on the day before, and results of meeting became one win three defeats, and just missed championship. Hill staff showed tenacity, and final match which we wanted to add spring to toward the 29th Haarlem Baseball Week 2018 which began on 13th got chance when there was few.

 When first inning, Ryosuke Tatsumi (Ritsumeikan Univ.) get to first base by infield fly, Yukiya Ito (Rissho Univ.) hits two-base hit to between the right and center from dying 1, second base and good omen is good and opens the scoring. However, it is held down to four hits in total without being able to knock out American Collegiate National Team hill staff afterwards.

 Masato Morishita (Meiji University) that the forerunner of SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team became the winning pitcher by Game 1. We do Run in timely of the eighth tokeruson when we reach two outs 1, pinch of third base by second inning which we scored the first just after that, two hits. Furthermore, we were exposed to hit of 5 person continuations from cleanup hitter Vaughn in forth inning and forgave reversal. We controlled in one hit of fifth inning no Run by throw to let you hit pitch, and to take last time, but ten hits were driven on that day, and it followed that problem remained.

 When Ryosuke Aizawa (Meiji University) is walk, and six times of SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team running after one point gets to first base, we shake bunobitchi of the United States Collegiate National Team second person suffering from control. We steal when we advance in two wild pitch without thinning Yukiya Ito which we got to in walk. It becomes wild pitch again here, and ai* sets foot on platform of tie score.
 Pitch continually with Hiromi Ito (Tomakomai Komazawa Univ.) from Hiroshi Kaino (Toyo Univ.), ninth inning from Seiya Tanaka (Rikkyo University), eighth inning after sixth inning, and relief camp shows pitching of tenacity though send the runner every time; no Run. We just entered into meeting first extension tie-break as three to three.

 SAMURAI JAPAN Collegiate National Team of batting in the second half of the inning is the home safe return, and wound is scoreless though Hiromi Ito takes two strikeouts from no outs 1, second base as for ten times of beginning extension tie-breaks and controls in no Run of three up three down. In the top of the 11th inning, top Shoo make gets to first base by infield fly, and no outs is with the bases full. However, Hiromi Ito struck out again and completely suppressed this pinch with foul fly ball, strikeout and made flow to attack of the back.

 When we let sacrifice bunt succeed, and Toshiya Sato (Toyo Univ.) assumes dying 2, third base in the bottom of the 11th inning, Takashi Umino (Tokai University) putting on mask halfway gives off sacrifice fly tight, and good-bye. Tenacity of hill staff whom we suppressed in 3 Run though we permitted 15 hits in total gave glory to victory with crop, four to three.

 Now that finished all five, and became championship of the United States by two wins three defeats regrettably; meeting. Wataru Matsumoto (Nippon Sport Science Univ.) which showed throw of the best part by Game 2 got the best pitcher prize. Team will move to the Netherlands tomorrow and aims at championship with the 29th Haarlem Baseball Week 2018 (July 13-22 days / Netherlands) beginning from Japan of 21:00 vs. Italy on Friday on 13th in Japan time.

The 42nd USA-Japan International Collegiate Series

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Meeting Schedule

From July 4, 2018 to July 10

Game 1 Wednesday, July 4 8:05 United States 0-1 Japan
The Game 2 Thursday, July 5 7:05 Japan 0-1 United States
Game 3 Saturday, July 7 8:00 United States 3-1 Japan
Game 4 Monday, July 9 6:00 United States 7-6 Japan
The Game 5 Tuesday, July 10 3:30 Japan 4-3 United States
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