Game Report

Good reliever Shunya Honda and Asahi Hanada who got 3 hits contribute to the victory in the Super Round first game

August 17, 2018

 On August 16 (Japan time 17th), Super Round first match of the fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup was carried out and came from behind and won with five to two while SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 had a hard fight in Chinese Taipei.

 U-15 which became start from one win one defeat because Opponent results with opening round group were carried over by Super Round. Similarly, as for the fight with Chinese Taipei of one win one defeat, it is fight that is never lost in aiming at Final Game advance of higher two countries.

 Fastballs which is powerful as for what was left the important game to the right arm, Sota Hinoue (Bo, Konan is) of weapon. But the Chinese Taipei batting order gave off two hits in swing not to strongly yield to fastballs from first inning, too and permitted the initiative in sacrifice fly of cleanup hitter, sumomotenki.
 Was place where wanted to counterattack immediately, but is hand kozuru before fastballs and breaking ball of the 130km/h level latter half of rin昱珉 of the starting left arm. Still it is batting average by opening round in spite of being the ninth in third inning. When Aoi Sugishita (Izumisano little senior) which recorded 500 gets to first base by infield fly from 2 out, it is succeeded by steal. Asahi Hanada (Nishi Yodo Boys) returned hit before right for this and caught up with tie score.

 However, we are pushed forward to third base afterwards and home base throw of grounded out to 3B of **kakeri misses and gives to forth inning just after that go-ahead point when two-base hit of right over is defeated by hair genius. Furthermore, it causes pinch of 1 out third base in fifth inning, but meeting enthusiast relief just gets Shunya Honda (Komatsu Kaga little senior) of the continuing irregularity left arm out on grounded out to 1B and gets away from pinch when the gutter top takes two-out eyes by struck out swinging here. Honda held down sixth inning to no hits and waited for counterattack of teammates.
 Then we invade in following pitcher which Hayashi left across bottom of the sixth inning, throw restrictions of meeting rule (95 pitches of upper limits of the day). When Ryoma Ikeda (Bo, Tadaoka is) gets to first base by hit before right from 1 out, we catch up with tie score in 3 continuation walk and hit by pitch afterwards. Furthermore, we raised another point by net win, timely of Sugishita, hit to become this day third of Hanada by double play break of Hirotaka Saito (Tokyo and Chiba district Boys) and raised one action 4 score in this time.
 And of thing which Ikinasuke Fujimori (Aomori Yamada little senior) pushed the last seventh inning with fastballs of fastest 139km/h on that day, and one hit was touched by close game in no Run tight; and is game is over with five to two. We won Super Round first match after we held out.

 The next war fights against host country, Panama by Super Round Game 2 from 18:00 (Japan time 18th 8:00) on 17th.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"We considerably suffered in the early stages, but fought in offense and defense in numerical inferiority tenaciously. Sixth inning had hit, too, but attacked other walk and hit by pitch, score by infield grounder wonderfully. We think that it is result of consciousness to say to tie of players. Important game continues, but wants to get along with the same feeling tomorrow"

Sota Hinoue (Bo, Konan is)

As "start was always bad, we gave the first goal and have taken bad flow. We were thinking that we gathered low and got out so that we were not rung repeatedly even if we had point stolen. We want to take flow that is good for teammates without giving the first goal" (as for the next pitch)

Asahi Hanada (Nishi Yodo Boys)

"Score did not readily enter without hit being given and was painful, but what we hung for the end game and were gradually getting used to partner pitcher and could hit was good first. We do not consider as the first (from Manager Shimizu), and it is said to 8, the ninth that we hit with the third consciousness as there are two people having high on-base average. As turf is deep (as for the Stadium of dabi) and does not fall down very much, we made mistake of one today and want to repair well"

The fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup


Meeting Schedule

From August 10, 2018 to August 19

Opening round

Saturday, August 11 0:00 Japan 4-2 Australia
Sunday, August 12 0:00 Netherlands 1-11 Japan
Monday, August 13 8:00 Japan 7-9 Cuba
Tuesday, August 14 8:00 Dominican Republic 7-13 Japan
Wednesday, August 15 8:00 Japan 20-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, August 17 0:00 Japan 5-2 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, August 18 8:00 Panama 7-3 Japan
Sunday, August 19 4:00 United States 8-2 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

3rd Place Match

Monday, August 21, 2018 3:00 Japan 3-6 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)



Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Panama, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Brazil, Germany, China

Group B
Japan, Cuba, Australia, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, South Africa




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