Game Report

Japan overwhelmed by the power of the United States suffers defeat at the end, failing to advance to the final for the first championship

August 19, 2018

 On August 18 (Japan time 19th), Super Round final match of the fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup is performed, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 faces the United States. Victory was union card for Final Game advance, but suffered come-from-behind defeat with two to eight.

 As for the game that became Opponent with the United States taking the first place by Super Round three wins one defeat with host country Panama, SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 succeeds in the initiative in 4 walk and hit by pitch of partner pitcher in first inning. In addition, no-hit, favorable condition that nominated two wins for the left arm, Shinnosuke Kanai (Tokyo Bo, Jonan is) left the first departure to by opening round just controlled the United States batting order to third inning and we stabbed with the runner by check that pinch that we invited to by walk was skillful in and controlled in no Run.

 When Hiromu Joshita (Kushikino dreams) gets to forth inning by infield fly, we make chance of no outs full bases with partner fielder's choice and hit by pitch. Asahi Hanada (Nishi Yodo Boys) gave off sacrifice fly after the 1 out here and gave another point, but remained in one point.
 Then the back, the American batting order counter the attack. When second, shuraia returns solo home run more than left fences for one point, is still walk and hit; no outs 1B, second base. We put the irregularity left arm, Shunya Honda (Komatsu Kaga little senior) that meeting enthusiast relief continues from Kanai now here. But two points of timely two-base hits to left field are hit to Spikes of RF hitters which continues although we took strikeout out of L hitters and permit reversal.
 The American batting order full of power has completely woken to this. After that we were robbed of four points by one point, sixth inning, and game was determined from 3 pitcher of Hayato Takenaka (Kurashiki Biggers young people) Ikinasuke Fujimori (Aomori Yamada little senior) Kyosuke Kuroyanagi (Sasuke Nagoya young people) which went up in mound by fifth inning.
 In addition, the last inning is suppressed by throw mainly on fastballs of fastest 145km/h of 193cm right arm house when four times of batting orders are held in check in datton which pitched halfway by no hits; and game is over.
 Extra-base hit was five and Throw/Bat, and two, hill staff only for infield fly were overwhelmed in power of the United States among seven cover hits, and the batting order became form to miss Final Game advance.

 End results of Super Round become two wins three defeats in this, and equalled Chinese Taipei, Cuba, but is calculation of order by TQB (goal difference of 1 inning average) and the results concerned; in the Super Round third place. We will fight against Chinese Taipei which became the fourth place in 3rd Place Match on 19th (Japan time 20th 3:00).
(as for the card of the final the United States vs. Panama)

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"We vomited, but, as a result, were not able to finish readily exceeding in thought in sirloin core somehow. The United States thinks build and power to be the top, but thinks that speed and delicate technique are in Japan. But we were not able to show it well today. You give precision of play of one one and, not difference that is never buried, must bury. As next becomes the last game by this team, we want to go to beat with every effort"

The fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup


Meeting Schedule

From August 10, 2018 to August 19

Opening round

Saturday, August 11 0:00 Japan 4-2 Australia
Sunday, August 12 0:00 Netherlands 1-11 Japan
Monday, August 13 8:00 Japan 7-9 Cuba
Tuesday, August 14 8:00 Dominican Republic 7-13 Japan
Wednesday, August 15 8:00 Japan 20-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, August 17 0:00 Japan 5-2 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, August 18 8:00 Panama 7-3 Japan
Sunday, August 19 4:00 United States 8-2 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

3rd Place Match

Monday, August 21, 2018 3:00 Japan 3-6 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)



Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Panama, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Brazil, Germany, China

Group B
Japan, Cuba, Australia, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, South Africa




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