Game Report

Japan comes in 4th after being completely defeated by Chinese Taipei – Two players were selected as Best Nine

August 20, 2018

 On August 19 (Japan time 20th), 3rd Place Match of the fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup is performed, and SAMURAI JAPAN U-15 of the Super Round third place faces Chinese Taipei of the fourth place. We lost initiative and were defeated by Chinese Taipei with three to six from beginning to end.

 The left arm, Yuito Suzuki (Sasuke Nagoya young people) that one forerunner who hung bronze medal was elected in approximately two years in baseball career. But we are exposed to crushing blow from first inning in the Chinese Taipei batting order and sacrifice fly is hit by 3 continuation walk and hit by pitch and permits second inning the initiative when pressurized. Ikinasuke Fujimori (Aomori Yamada little senior) which went up from sixth inning in mound bathed in three hits and lost two points in this time without Hayato Takenaka (Kurashiki Biggers young people) which went up from third inning in mound bathing in two hits in forth inning, and bathing in three hits, and 2 Run and force of the Chinese Taipei batting order being stopped 1 Run by fifth inning.

 The batting order where we want to counterattack settles chance for fifth inning triggered by bunt hit and 2 walk of Keiichi Kimoto (Shizuoka foot little senior) and returns two points in infield grounder of Asahi Hanada (Nishi Yodo Boys), timely of Seiya Fukuhara (yasujinoku young people spirits). Fukuhara throws the last seventh inning timely, and give back one point, but continuing Haruto Uchiyama (Bo, Habikino is) is got out; and game is over.

 In addition to high ability of Chinese Taipei player, we just finished meeting with the fourth place without being able to appoint by throw restrictions by fatigue and meeting rule by series, and showing characteristic by offense and defense because there was little pitcher.

 The second local held meeting that 3rd meeting was First Runner-Up last time, but was holding in Mexico is the seventh place. There was mistake while we fought in series in the foreign ground, but players showed good play and aggressive posture in at every turn, and championship fight increased. We want experience that wore Uniform of this SAMURAI JAPAN in the body as big bread of the future life.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Takayuki Shimizu

"There was not series series in such a form in Japan and thought that it was tough, but fought magnificently with every effort hard. We want to thank players. Top-level players of this Age Range gather, but there is certainly problem to all the techniques still more (for the future). Technical place is so, but is part of way of thinking. Is it case which you suppress oneself and must do something about whether this case is case which you may give up in full swing? Of course you must improve technique, but must study such a part in future. There was pitcher which it was taken mound consecutively, and put a burden while pitcher had PC restrictions, but walk and hit by pitch which was useless as problem appeared a lot. We think that we have it is actually keenly aware of Run nitsunagatteinode, it and keep alive"

Ryoma Ikeda outfielder, catcher (Bo, Tadaoka is) ※The captain

As "it is result that we finished with all 20 people with every effort, there is not regret. It is only difference of power (as for the difference with the world). Technical aspect thinks that baseball of Japan wins and thinks that we do not lose in others. We make use of experience of this world meeting and want to do our best in high school. It was the fourth place in U-15, but wants to become the number one in the world in U-18"

Seiya Fukuhara infielder, catcher (yasujinoku young people spirits)

The top nine (second baseman), most steal (5 steals) receiving a prize
"We think that we were able to get to first base with base running of characteristic and the low batted ball. We had with Age Range in one and were really happy. As it was not able to take medal, joy was less than half, but it was good to have included RBI. We become better player and want to do our best so that this uniform is worn again"

Aoi Sugishita infielder (Izumisano little senior)

Top nine (designated hitter) receiving a prize
When "point was removed, we were glad that it became team bullet. As we thought that it is my role to be reflected on base, we think that we might play a role somehow. Tooth does not stand to overseas player with power at all, but wants to keep alive more as base running and delicate technique think that it is strength of Japan. We make use of vexation and pleasure that we tasted here and want to connect ahead"

The fourth WBSC U-15 World Cup


Meeting Schedule

From August 10, 2018 to August 19

Opening round

Saturday, August 11 0:00 Japan 4-2 Australia
Sunday, August 12 0:00 Netherlands 1-11 Japan
Monday, August 13 8:00 Japan 7-9 Cuba
Tuesday, August 14 8:00 Dominican Republic 7-13 Japan
Wednesday, August 15 8:00 Japan 20-0 South Africa
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, August 17 0:00 Japan 5-2 Chinese Taipei
Saturday, August 18 8:00 Panama 7-3 Japan
Sunday, August 19 4:00 United States 8-2 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)

3rd Place Match

Monday, August 21, 2018 3:00 Japan 3-6 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Panama: at time difference -14 time)



Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Panama, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Brazil, Germany, China

Group B
Japan, Cuba, Australia, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, South Africa




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