Game Report

After showing explosive attacks with six runs, Samurai Japan Amateur National Team wins three games in a row, winning the round with the first place and advancing to Super Round

August 28, 2018

 We won by Called in 24-0 in three eyes, Thailand which became final match of preliminary round 2. group A on 28th, and SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which participated in the 18th Asian Games (Asian Games) passed preliminary the first place by three wins 0 defeats.

Outstanding performance that fielders of role of sub stimulate key player

 Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas) who was forerunner used so far on that day whom temperature exceeds 33 degrees at the time of game start of 9:00 a.m., and sunlight was severe on, Shohei Morishita (Hitachi), Momotaro Matsumoto (Honda Suzuka), Ryo Kinami (NIPPON EXPRESS), ao栁takumi (Osaka Gas) and others are dugout starts. Players of participation showed outstanding performance on behalf of them.

 Tsuyoshi Tamura (JR WEST) who employs two runners with top of the first inning, no outs, and belonged under the third is three run homer. Furthermore, after the 2 out, one scored the first four points of jumping out in the sixth Yuki Jibiki (Tokyo Gas).

 As for the force of Japan, Tamura of turn at bat 3-run before after the addition with one point by sacrifice fly of the second Jyunpei Horimai (TOSHIBA) following second inning is three run homer again in center. Tamura became three at bats of continuation arches following game with China. Solo arch that Michiori Okabe (JX-ENEOS) of participation is daring to right from pinch hitter in the middle of in fifth inning. First Asahi Satoh (TOSHIBA) which continued became consecutive arches which carried the first ball to left field. Sato is 5 hits in 5 at bats by this blow. We recorded cycle-hit by two-base hit, single hit, two-base hit, three-base hit, home run.

 6 home runs also as for the fifth inning in Kohei Sasagawa (Tokyo Gas) of cleanup hitter blow in jumping out Japan in total. Japan won a great victory in 24-0.

Fulfil moat role of stable throw; and to Super Round

 Hit that starting Makoto Hori (NTT East Japan) threw third inning, and gave only as for the one of the second inning. We took tripartite consecutive strikeouts in third inning and gave six strikeouts in total.

 We floated smile on moat saying "there was pressure as two people (Okano, Usui) of game in front threw well". Pitcher of starting used relieve and may pitch in Super Round in the future until now as well as moat. Moat talked about determination saying "we want to be able to prepare for any situation".

Single blow of tangle of Sato which it is player, and is the captain

 Five at bats of eyes of fifth inning which we reached with 4 hits in 4 at bats. Voice, "shiretto aim would be sputum!" was applied to Sato which threw bullet into left field from dugout. Sato became achievement of cycle-hit in this home run. As "it was rare opportunity, we aimed even at meaning to pressure oneself (in home run). As it was after Okabe hit home run, we thought that pitcher was out early and would want to do, and Sato looked back saying we were able to hit when we aimed at the first ball.

 Sato which we always give priority to team over rather than oneself as captain. However, we do not settle in it. "It is not without tangle (in player, interval of the captain). When we cannot go to game though we come as player here, there is vexation and is natural. We intended to get ready to be able to do it, and Sato told, what result could leave today was good until now.

 Including Sato, as for the hitters which showed this day achievement, there are many dugout starts by national team team, but, as a matter of course, is the leading player by team team. Game with Thailand became fight that demonstrated that they were by no means inferior to regular.

"Player appearing halfway of game will appear in scene which grew tense than starter. Sato completed by words like captain saying it was a chance to unite for victory of team by all-out war from here more that they played an active part today.

It is Japanese director to have led Thailand which lost

 Thailand which finished meeting by 3 straight defeats though we won and advanced to the next around of from preliminary round 1. It was Japanese Manager Masatada Ueno to have led Thailand. Manager Ueno "often learn game with Japan for player. Players see Japanese baseball in the Internet video well, but is different from admiration by actually facing; might get. We told, I want speedy sao probation of control and offense and defense change of pitcher in particular.

MVP of preliminary is "teamwork" and Manager Ishii

 Manager Akio Ishii about three games of preliminary "informed player, "challenged, and let's send oneself", but there was it. It was matter of chance, but the batting order generalized despite favorable condition saying we got actual feeling to be good if partner had slight chance.

 In addition, Manager Ishii gave "teamwork" not individual players to MVP of preliminary. "All the members were conscious of courageous play. Achievement of player of dugout start by game with Thailand stimulates team. We told, the whole rises by synergy.

 "Stadium changes, and, about Super Round from 30th, ground changes really. Manager Ishii who said, we want to get along while seeing adaptability of player. How SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur fights against different Korea, Chinese Taipei of level is attention until now.

The 18th Asian Games

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 26, 2018 to September 1

Preliminary round (Group A)

Sunday, August 26 11:00 Japan 15-0 Pakistan
Monday, August 27 16:00 Japan 17-2 China
Tuesday, August 28 11:00 Thailand 0-24 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)

Super Round

Thursday, August 30 14:00 Japan 1-5 Korea
Friday, August 31 20:30 Chinese Taipei 0-5 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Saturday, September 1 18:00 Korea 3-0 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Indonesia (Jakarta)

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