Game Report

Japan wins a sweeping victory against the United States in the first game of the Super Round – Starter Ayami Sato wins a clear-cut victory with one-hit shutout relay

August 29, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's faces the United States by Super Round Game 1 of 8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup (Florida, America) on August 28 (Japan time 29th). We won a clear-cut victory with 3 - 0 and submitted check to Final Game advance.

 Throw no-hit Ayami Sato pitcher (Dione) of ace who played from the first inning to seventh inning 2 out. Although we forgave leader on horseback until great record among in scene of another one, we just gave the meeting second win by one hit of complete blockade.

 When we played from the first inning for game with Canada on 24th, the right foot slipped on new mound and had a hard time in control, but showed control that was inborn on that day. Being conscious of making rhythm from defense, we build mountain of grounder. We gave first inning and third inning hit by pitch, but were all possibility of danger throw that there was not including hold for double play in on-deck hitters.

 On the other hand, the batting order piled up scores in the early stages. When first inning, top Tomomi Nakada outfielder (Dione) got to first base by L taking the lead on horseback and decided stealing second, infielder the second Miu Nakata (Asahitrust) sent and scored the first in sacrifice fly to LF of outfielder the third Iori Miura (Flora). We added two points to disorder of partner defense including two bunts in second inning and pushed forward game in predominance.

 System which is lifted by result of direct Opponent by opening round in Group A, higher three teams of B, league match by six teams in total as for the Super Round. Japan assumed three wins 0 defeats by victory of this day in addition to two wins by opening round. Final Game advance is decided if we beat Chinese Taipei of three wins 0 defeats by game in the same way on 29th.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"We heard voice to "be tense" from between players before game, but we got the first goal and we were relaxed and played. But we talk in one which one point was not able to take anymore of one-sided game well and want to turn next"

Ayami Sato pitcher (Dione)

"Game with Canada became too much careful (we pitched last time), but threw ball to attack when we were able to afford from first inning today. We think whether you were still taught (you miss no-hit no score) if inexperienced. We concentrated on after it was defeated one as I hated that the other party caught fire to control the next hitters well"

Chihiro Funakoshi catcher (Heisei International University)

"We did not notice at all (to no score no-hit to seventh inning 2 out). As we concentrated on batter. As we had not faced the United States, there was fear and was not able to sleep too much last night when we thought that it was up to oneself. It is the first that Sato has finished throwing. Own (lead) width spread, too"

Tomomi Nakada outfielder (Dione)

As "flow comes if the top appears, anyway, we are thinking about appearing in base. Batters who can beat behind line up. It was tense at meeting most, but it was just big to have been able to get to first inning"

8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 22, 2018 to August 31

Opening round

The Wednesday, August 22 23:00 Japan 8-0 Dominican Republic
Thursday, August 23 23:00 0-23, Hong Kong Japan
Saturday, August 25 7:00 Japan 2-1 Canada
Sunday, August 26 7:00 Cuba 1-4 Japan
Monday, August 27 7:00 Japan 5-1 Australia
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round

The Wednesday, August 29 7:00 Japan 3-0 United States
Thursday, August 30 2:00 Japan 2-1 Chinese Taipei
Thursday, August 30 22:00 Japan 10-0 Venezuela
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


Saturday, September 1, 2018 7:00 Japan 6-0 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


The United States (Florida)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
United States, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Netherlands, Puerto Rico

Group B
Japan, Canada, Australia, Cuba, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic




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