Game Report

Samurai Japan wins in 5 innings under the mercy rule with Venezuela

August 31, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Women's faces Venezuela by Super Round Game 3 of 8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup (Florida, America) on August 30 (Japan time 31st). We gave in fifth inning Called of 10-0 and displayed 8 flawless successive victories from the start. We hang the sixth straight victory in Final Game on 31st and fight against Chinese Taipei.

 Japan showed massive attack just after interruption of two hours 37 minutes caused by stormy weather. The third, Iori Miura outfielder (Flora) stands in bottom of the first inning 1 out first base, turn at bat, resumption from count 1-1. First ball, Manager Megumi Kitta changed game suddenly.

Signature that we provided saying "we will do without minding that the other party does not come under some pressure when we do not set and says double play by liner" is end run. Miura which we accepted burst between 1B, second base vividly and widened good opportunity. Across walk, Yuka Ogata catcher (Riseisha RECTOVENUS), Ririka Tabata catcher (Orioaishin high School) hit consecutive timely hits and took three points.

 The batting order which gained momentum risks jiggle for second inning by attack in relation to foot. Miwa Tanaka infielder (Asahitrust) joined together by infield fly by push bunt to second base in no outs first base, and Miura decided two run homer squeeze from 1 out full bases to in front of Pitching. Furthermore, we let double steal succeed with 2 out 1B, two and added five points of one action to this time.

 We played a role as game make without high school student battery being shaken by interruption when we protected. Starting Nana Ishimura pitcher (Riseisha High School) used breaking ball well and pitched well with no Run with one hit of third inning. We tie 3 pitcher which broke out in mound from forth inning with no Run and relay complete blockade. In young person-centered members, we won a complete victory in Venezuela of the world rank fifth place.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Megumi Kitta

"We were able to finally play baseball like Japan. How to spend at the time of interruption was solid and saw figure which grew up. We want to speak tomorrow to show characteristic of each player to the maximum"

Ririka Tabata catcher (Orioaishin high School)

"The first starting member was very fun. We thought that oneself got by chance. One at bats of eye were not able to beat as aimed, but as for the luck in ability. We cheer up than anyone else and will do our best tomorrow so that everybody concentrates on play"

Nana Ishimura pitcher (Riseisha High School)

"It prevented stretching with trainer during interruption and from cooling body. We thought that it was first inning after the resumption and tried to throw carefully. Curve should have had been decided on slider whom timing of partner hitters did not match"

Yaya Kojima outfielder (International Pacific University)

"We made a re-start without overdoing it as on-deck hitter was (Kawabata) Tomonori (we enter the home from second base by second inning 1 out full bases, squeeze of Miura at a stretch) after pitcher threw out to the first baseman surely. We were able to attack without beginning defense"

8th WBSC Women's Baseball World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 22, 2018 to August 31

Opening round

The Wednesday, August 22 23:00 Japan 8-0 Dominican Republic
Thursday, August 23 23:00 0-23, Hong Kong Japan
Saturday, August 25 7:00 Japan 2-1 Canada
Sunday, August 26 7:00 Cuba 1-4 Japan
Monday, August 27 7:00 Japan 5-1 Australia
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)

Super Round

The Wednesday, August 29 7:00 Japan 3-0 United States
Thursday, August 30 2:00 Japan 2-1 Chinese Taipei
Thursday, August 30 22:00 Japan 10-0 Venezuela
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


Saturday, September 1, 2018 7:00 Japan 6-0 Chinese Taipei
※The start time Japan time (Florida: at time difference -13 time)


The United States (Florida)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
United States, Venezuela, Chinese Taipei, Korea, Netherlands, Puerto Rico

Group B
Japan, Canada, Australia, Cuba, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic




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