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Samurai Japan Amateur National Team wins the Super Round, advancing to the final for the first time since 2006

September 1, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur which participated in the 18th Asian Games (Asian Games) won in 5-0 for two eyes of Super Round which we put Final Game advance on on 31st, Chinese Taipei round and decided Final Game advance for the first time in 3 meetings since Qatar Doha meeting in 2006.

Winning is not good. It is condition to Final Game to attach more than three points

 Night game first for Japan by the meeting fifth game. When Japan won this game, results of Super Round equalled Korea, Chinese Taipei by one win one defeat and faced game in severe condition that you touched more than three points to enter high rank two teams which advanced to the final and must beat.

 Yuichiro Okano (TOSHIBA) of ace who pitched well by game with Pakistan of first match in Japanese starting mound went up. Okano takes first inning for three persons consecutive struck out swingings, make best start.

 Game worked in top of the second inning. When get to first base by center field hit, Takehiro Tsujino (Honda) which this day sixth contained advances from 1 out to third base with steal and bad throw of catcher; in 1 out third base. The seventh Shohei Morishita (Hitachi) hit two-base hit to the L middle here, and Japan scored the first one point.

 Furthermore, after the 2 out, employ Morishita in second base, and the ninth Sho Aoyagi (Osaka Gas) is timely hit in front of center. Japan assumed 2-0 and became excellent start.

 However, back, Okano invite pinch of 2 out full bases. However, Okano took struck out looking from 9 banrinshohi (ramigo) and escaped from pinch.

 As for Okano, Aoyagi of shortstop catches the strong batted ball that it is said to be able to pull three weeks of 5 ban詹koken (middle sincerity brothers) nicely by backhand catch though we reach 2 out 1B, pinch of third base in third inning. We threw a ball to second base while falling down and made force-out and came through pinch.

 After three times of games end fifth inning without both teams score; and 2-0. We entered into the game latter half while there was impatience that another one point wanted for Japan.

Solo arch of Tamura becoming the third point who let air of the hall change completely

 Tsuyoshi Tamura (JR WEST) who 3, cleanup hitter fell down, and attack of top of the sixth inning Japan became 2 out, and just gave off home run of three meetings in turn at bat, and was selected as this day fifth. It is daring, and Tamura swings with the fourth pitch from count 2-1. The batted ball is beyond left fence, Tamura is the meeting fourth now. The third point of expectation entered Japan.

 3-0 and Japan which we did passed the baton to Yudai Aranishi (Honda Kumamoto) from starting Okano at defense of bottom of the sixth inning, 2 out first base. Okano is fifth inning 2/3, cover hit 6 for the Chinese Taipei batting order. We took seven strikeouts and entrusted wild Nishi with the back by throw that seemed to be ace who closed point while providing security not to forgive opening batsman of time at all and runner on the way.

 When get to first base in walk, in Japan which get three points of leads, and gains momentum, Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas) who entered this day first in seventh inning advances from 1 out to second base by steal, after the 2 out of the third Momotaro Matsumoto (Honda Suzuka) left-front; is timely; in 4-0.

 Asahi Satoh (TOSHIBA) which entered at defense in no outs first base in top of the eighth inning on the way just pushes forward runner in second base by meeting team's first sacrifice bunt. Become 2 out third base afterwards, the eighth Ryo Kinami (NIPPON EXPRESS) is safety squeeze by the first ball in third-base line. We raised fifth point to hit Thu south, and to carry the second pitch of rectification in front of left field, and to bring Final Game going close to more though the batted ball broke line regrettably and became foul ball.

Wild Nishi of adrenalin fully opening is countdown to Final Game advance

 We get out of sixth inning 2 out in mound, and fast ball from side surikuuota having a slight gives growl to wild Nishi which became taking mound consecutively following game with Korea and takes seven or eight times and struck out swinging from hitters of six to three from hitters away. Get on-deck hitter out on double play though bottom of the ninth inning permits opening batsman hit, and control the last hitters in flied out to RF; and game-set. Japan decided long-cherished Final Game advance.

We show effect, and replacing gets a score 5 the batting order

 After the game, as for Manager Akio Ishii, "players fought with courage in the situation to have to get three points. As a result of having considered how you placed player of blow favorable condition, 5, the sixth (Tamura, Tsujino) functioned well. Starting Okano controlled like ace in important place. Pitcher that wild Nishi contains feeling (the second person). We sent it on fully opening and met taking mound consecutively.

The fourth shot that oneself is surprised at. Tamura who achieved front confirmation to Final Game

 Though there is much participation, Tamura who threw solo arch of value a great deal of money to become the team third point just records meeting 4 home run for the middle. Tamura made big eyes big about it more saying "oneself is surprised most". Though game with Korea on the day before participates from pinch hitter; no hit in 2 at bats. Fine adjustment of batting was realized saying "you should have had waved in slightly early timing as you felt gap of timing".

 The fifth used of this day was invited to room by Yuji Tanahashi, both Shigeki Wakabayashi coaches before departure from lodgings and was told. "Live on mind to die!" . Tamura met encouragement that put laughter in expectation well.

 Tamura of JR WEST team. We work by duties at Hiroshima Station and wrap the body in uniform and keep security of passenger. Tamura who laughs saying "we attract attention among members of baseball club in station as it is huge." This day accomplished the part of thimble confirmation to gold medal in front stage of axis used.

Gold medal that aim suha is the second time in the first Japan-Korea final in 20 years

 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur served as the first Final Game advance in 12 years and got the challenge right to the second gold medal since Hiroshima meeting in 1994. Korea which it was Super Round first match to meet each other in Final Game, and lost in 1-5. It becomes 20 years since the last Opponent in the final with Korea since Bangkok meeting of 1998.

 Wild Nishi which became 3 taking mound consecutively if we threw was powerful saying "it is entirely all right", and answer, Tsujino of one hit of 2 steal were fired up while all-out war was expected saying "we do not want to be defeated by the same partner twice". The final is carried out in bunkarunosutajiamu from 18:00 in Japan time.

The 18th Asian Games

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Meeting Schedule

From August 26, 2018 to September 1

Preliminary round (Group A)

Sunday, August 26 11:00 Japan 15-0 Pakistan
Monday, August 27 16:00 Japan 17-2 China
Tuesday, August 28 11:00 Thailand 0-24 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)

Super Round

Thursday, August 30 14:00 Japan 1-5 Korea
Friday, August 31 20:30 Chinese Taipei 0-5 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Saturday, September 1 18:00 Korea 3-0 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


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