Game Report

Samurai Japan Amateur National Team advanced to the final for the first time since 2006, but misses the gold medal

September 2, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur participating in the 18th Asian Games (Asian Games) faces Korea in the final that made a foray into way of 3 meet on September 1. We lost in 0-3 and finished meeting with silver medal.

For game that difference that you could make use of slight chance in participated in

 Even if calendar changes in September; Jakarta where is the same as for the humidity more than 30 degrees. Fight, game with Korea that we bet gold medal on at 4:00 p.m. when cool wind had begun to slightly blow opened curtain.

 When the Japanese forerunner, Ryoga Tomiyama (TOYOTA) of the left arm remain bottom of the first inning, 2 people and give walk, we invite pinch of no outs full bases by center field hit of the third Kim jiefan (the toe sun). Toyama suffered two points of timely hits to the left front after the 1 out in the fifth Ann chihon (KIA) and permitted Korea 0-2 and the initiative.

 Japan puts Makoto Hori (NTT East Japan) into the second person after the 2 out. Moat took tripartite consecutive strikeouts in second inning and drew flow to decline to Korea.

 However, cleanup hitter paku pyonho (nekusen) gave off solo arch which pierced center back screen, and, in bottom of the third inning, Korea, 0-3 and lead were widened by 2 out.

 When Japan puts kokyo*yame (Nippon Life Insurance Company), Isamu Usui (Tokyo Gas), Akiyoshi Katsuno (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya), 4 pitcher of Katsutoshi Satake (TOYOTA) after forth inning little by little, we show nice pitching to let the Korean batting order step on second base neither.

 One batting order was held down to one singled to right field which Shoji Kitamura (TOYOTA) gave off in the top of the first inning by Korean hill staff, and game advanced.

 The last inning which both teams 0 equalled scoreboard and reached. Japan did not reach going to the first base though they sent Asahi Satoh (TOSHIBA), Yuki Jibiki (Tokyo Gas) to pinch hitter, and, as for the game, Korea won in same 0-3, and Japan finished meeting with silver medal.

Baseball of defense is defeated completely on attack side though we carry out

 After the going to the first base, follower directed oneself about scene which fell down to double play saying "what kayariyogaattanodehanaikato calmed down and wants to think", and, after the game, as for Manager Akio Ishii, Shohei Morishita (Hitachi) returned to fifth inning by error of partner from no outs by attack though we judged, "defense was better than Korea".

 Manager Ishii told, "they made team with oneself after player call of June" about national team team, and "Chinese Taipei round yesterday (31st) was full of victory and member of players".

 Japan is four wins two defeats by all meeting six games now. Each two defeats was Opponent with Korea, and ability differences and top professional emerged for the same result. Japan which was Guangzhou, Inchon meeting and bronze medal. This Jakarta meeting did not arrive in gold medal which was aim, but SAMURAI JAPAN Amateur fought hard and had silver medal for the first time in 3 meetings in our hand.

We looked back on fight by this team and obtained

 After the final, we asked each player about "thing which we were able to rustle in by this team".


Yudai Aranishi (Honda Kumamoto)

"We took 2 strikeouts away from Korea where professional gathered and became considerable confidence in future own baseball life"

Makoto Hori (NTT East Japan)

"We felt one pitch of weight and fear of extra-base hit at full-scale international meeting. We were not able to experience in Japan"

Akiyoshi Katsuno (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagoya)

"We said after a long absence and were able to throw a ball against strong team called Korea"

Ryoga Tomiyama (TOYOTA)

"We were able to have a good experience in various meanings"


Takehiro Tsujino (Honda)

"We thought about own role while team faced sign called championship. We were able to become member of team in the last last"


"Foreign player was able to know characteristic what kind of place resisted. We want to keep thing which we got alive in team"

Takeshi Hosoyamada (TOYOTA)

"We were able to make environment where there was young player with all one's might"


Jyunpei Horimai (TOSHIBA)

What "was chosen by the top of amateur baseball became property of the life"

Sho Aoyagi (Osaka Gas)

"You would call in national team at this age (28 years old) and were had a splendid experience. We want to tell what is demanded by national team team to younger student"

Tsuyoshi Tamura (JR WEST)

On seeing "player whom there was not in Japan, we felt own littleness. It was studied"

Shohei Morishita (Hitachi)

It "was had an experience of being allowed to participate in big meeting of scale as Japan National Team"


Koji Chikamoto (Osaka Gas)

"It was fight with worth doing and pride, a sense of responsibility not to be able to taste and pressure by daily life. I wanted result more as national team of Osaka Gas"

Momotaro Matsumoto (Honda Suzuka)

It "was crop to have become clear what kind of place was own technical lack. There was only thing which we got in all"

The 18th Asian Games

List of overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From August 26, 2018 to September 1

Preliminary round (Group A)

Sunday, August 26 11:00 Japan 15-0 Pakistan
Monday, August 27 16:00 Japan 17-2 China
Tuesday, August 28 11:00 Thailand 0-24 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)

Super Round

Thursday, August 30 14:00 Japan 1-5 Korea
Friday, August 31 20:30 Chinese Taipei 0-5 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Saturday, September 1 18:00 Korea 3-0 Japan
※The start time Japan time (Jakarta: at time difference -2 time)


Indonesia (Jakarta)

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Asian Games 2018 Jakarta Palembang




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