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Super Round 2nd game was cancelled due to rain – Former Yokohama manager Watanabe provides instructions and advice for the game against China

September 8, 2018

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 which participates in "the twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship." Super Round Game 2 with China planned from 18:00 on September 8 called off rainy weather.

 Japan performs defeat (one to three) by Super Round Game 1 with Chinese Taipei on the day before, and Korea wins against China. Final Game (9th) of Korea and Chinese Taipei which became "two wins" including one win over durability from primary round at this point in time and Japan between "two defeats" and Opponent (9th) of Chinese 3rd Place Match were decided. While order had been already settled, Korea and Chinese Taipei, Japan and Chinese equivalence card were crossed on 8th, and, as for the Super Round Game 2, it was "break" by judgment with (person concerned with meeting) that "there was not problem even if we did not do the same game".

 3rd Place Match (13:00 start) and Final Game (18:00 start) are planned on 9th, but bad weather is expected and is postponed in 10th of spare Sun tomorrow when they call off rainy weather. Meeting is fight that we bet the participation right of U-18W cup (designated unofficially as Korea) of the next year (as for the participation frame of Asia 3) on, and the winner of 3rd Place Match catches the last chair now.

 We missed championship, but motivation does not fall to bronze medal acquisition. Ren Kakigi (Osaka Toin) which started in advance the day before if "oneself lose (in 3rd Place Match), younger students cannot experience the world. "There is two defeats vexation that we did, but normal, it is not possible for oneself here experiences Akira Neo (Osaka Toin) if we say, you must win for younger students for oneself. We did preparations more than China and wanted to do game to lead to the next Age Range and talked about determination.

 After the Cancelled decision announced at 15:00, Japanese team practices in blossoms dome for 90 minutes from 20 minutes (planned Chinese practice cancels afterwards). Meeting straight victory was disappointed defeat to become extinct on the previous night, but made feeling one for the last fight once again.

 There was the scene that tightened practice spicily. Genchi Watanabe who was director in front of Yokohama (Kanagawa) visited encouragement. Watanabe supervises Japan High School National Team by the 21st AAA world baseball championship (Chinese Taipei) of 2004, and Manager Nagata is relationship called the coach. "We go together familiarly" (Watanabe). There was instruction request to Watanabe who entered Miyazaki by TV commentary from Manager Nagata.

 Watanabe advises the past third inning, U-18 (1995 Asian Championship, the 2004 world championship, 11 years Asian Championship) from experience that we led.
"Mental attitude. There is slight gap. We went to see Send-off Match (August 28, major shrine) with Collegiate, but reached peak in that neighborhood. After that we faced game with Sri Lanka while condition fell, and illusion came out. Best condition may not have high school student for 2-3 weeks. Gap of timing came out there. Furthermore, story takes on heat.

"Neither pitcher nor fielder has interval (ma). Thing made in Koshien feels here. There were five players of Osaka Toin, but they declared openly with the goal of "straight victory in the spring and summer". We were unselfish and won and advanced to the next around of the Fri foot agriculture. It was splendid Final Game, but there is not that atmosphere. Why don't you recur? We had a talk called this. "L figure and others (in outside pitches) cannot walk! ". Merely enjoy, while then not being good, and feeling the Japanese flag for pre-Shah; "absolutely beat! We informed that we wanted you to live on thought called ""

 We performed fiery zeal instruction that we rolled grounder in shortstop, Kaito Kozono of Hotoku school which fell into 4 mistakes and slump by two games by oneself.
"Trauma do not have; "have confidence! With ". Bound does not match. Because you protect in place not to be correct, you must devise. In other words, glove is loosening and does not catch and the ground is having and catches. It is basic, but the person was identified and thinks that we can do it enough tomorrow"

 In advice from famous admiral "is honored that one of the Japanese great directors tells as for Kozono. As the actual fighting continued, we were able to review the basics well. We can revise missing part, and gain is enough saying we think that we were able to practice being good. In addition, Yoshida was opportunity of "origin recurrence", too.

"There was pressure of the Japanese flag, too. (meeting) took big aim called straight victory, too, and the entire team strained too much. It was challenger in Koshien. We only only climbed by start from bottom. Single-mindedness is unrefined. We remembered baseball at the time of Fri agriculture. Just because of meeting of good people, it is not not to need to speak. Simply because is good person, of team make a model of, and speak. We thought again to prevent you from forgetting to have learned by Fri agriculture through story from Manager Watanabe"

 Watanabe who gave one opportunity to 3rd Place Match. From Manager Nagata, we felt strong enthusiasm in short words. "We want to defend the third place to the death somehow. Today's practice is connected tomorrow. We go to win whatever it takes. It is unrefined and wants to play baseball. We are determined to burn out by match in the meeting last in now with China.

The twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship

Overview Players

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Japan High School National Team vs. Japan Collegiate National Team

Meeting Schedule

From September 3, 2018 to September 10

Group A

Monday, September 3 18:00 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Tuesday, September 4 18:00 Sri Lanka 0-15 Japan
Wednesday, September 5 18:00 Japan 1-3 Korea

Super Round

Friday, September 7 18:00 Chinese Taipei 3-1 Japan
Saturday, September 8 18:00 Japan (Cancelled) China

3rd Place Match

Monday, September 10 13:00 Japan 14-1 China


Japan (Miyazaki)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka

Group B
China, Chinese Taipei, Pakistan, Indonesia




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