Team Report

The game for the third place is postponed to October – Japan shows the culmination of their skills and aims to win the last spot for the World Cup

September 9, 2018

SAMURAI JAPAN U-18 which participates in "the twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship." 3rd Place Match with China planned from 13:00 on September 9 called off rainy weather.
 Cancelled decision is 10:30. Because weather recovery is not anticipated, postponement to 10th is decided.

 "Spare Sun" of meeting only as for the 10th. For Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) of sponsor, only 3rd Place Match has intention that we want to hold somehow or other. Meeting is because it takes participation right of U-18W cup (Location is designated unofficially as Korea) of the next year (as for the participation frame of Asia 3) now. We are to catch 1 last frame of the stage which third place team selects 1B of the world as.

 Of "break" of Final Game by Korea and Chinese Taipei even if is possible, it is said that "the third place" must be settled by hook or by crook. According to the meeting person concerned, for "one hour, it is thought about enough game start being late for two hours. We confided, we may play a game at midnight if extreme talk, weather recovery were anticipated. What at first it is impossible development by administration in High School Baseball, but is always assumed at international meeting. The true value of password "that we are not surprised at even if there is anything" that Manager Hiroharu Nagata emphasized since team organization will be asked the tomorrow's final match.

 They received Cancelled decision of 3rd Place Match, and Japanese team practiced formally in blossoms dome for 90 minutes from 11:30. About reason why had vigor than practice on the day before, Kosei Yoshida (Fri foot agriculture) said.
"There was part which was not changed yesterday. While have life at the lodgings too much, "let's go to take the third place! "And atmosphere changed. Yoshida which was able to cut off bad flow takes mound consecutively in primary round with Korea on 5th, Super Round with Chinese Taipei on 7th; "fatigue was produced, too. We catch postponement in case of rain till the first fine day of this day in forward looking saying meaning that we can regulate was good. Mule, 9th were final match, but Yoshida originally does 〝 warm welcome 〟 about what was put off on 1st. This friend and - - which can play baseball another day.
"There was awkward place, but became good team first. As we thought, "it does not want to be over early", we showed will to the tomorrow's pitch saying it was good. Manager Nagata "is possible with nine pitcher. We said, Yoshida is included in that, but say, "we must think as there will be in the future" carefully.

In "every day "do I not throw?" We say this. But it is our work that control. Manager Nagata has background that came in consideration of fatigue in Koshien from all over the Tokyo camp Schedule, and what we want to exceed in 8 other pitcher is like the true intention.

 As for this day, Fri foot agriculture, Manager Kazutoyo Nakaizumi came for encouragement to blossoms dome. From words of Genchi Watanabe (Former Manager Yokohama), we just reconfirmed the origin of "single-mindedness, smelling of mud" like Fri agriculture the day before. Power was injected from teacher who met after a long absence saying "director came to Miyazaki in such a timing and can go like member of Fri agriculture tomorrow".

"We can play in world meeting by belonging under the third place. You must tie in the next generation. Yoshida talked about the general will as team again. And "was Fri agriculture and their was chosen here because was able to play baseball. We talk about full expedition Schedule saying we are good for oneself. It will be the 17th day from team organization on August 25 tomorrow. We show off "the collected studies" as Japan High School National Team and defend the third place to the death and intend to complete meeting with crowning beauty.

The twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship

Overview Players

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Japan High School National Team vs. Japan Collegiate National Team

Meeting Schedule

From September 3, 2018 to September 10

Group A

Monday, September 3 18:00 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Tuesday, September 4 18:00 Sri Lanka 0-15 Japan
Wednesday, September 5 18:00 Japan 1-3 Korea

Super Round

Friday, September 7 18:00 Chinese Taipei 3-1 Japan
Saturday, September 8 18:00 Japan (Cancelled) China

3rd Place Match

Monday, September 10 13:00 Japan 14-1 China


Japan (Miyazaki)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka

Group B
China, Chinese Taipei, Pakistan, Indonesia




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