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Samurai Japan U-18 National Team attends the disbandment ceremony and 18 members express their comments on the championship

September 11, 2018

The Japan National Baseball Team "SAMURAI JAPAN" which participated in "the twelfth BFA U18 Asia baseball championship" U-18 won 3rd Place Match with China on September 10 and acquired bronze medal. On 11th, the following day, solution group ceremony was held at hotel in Miyazaki-shi.

 At first Japan High School Baseball Federation, Eiji Hatta, chairperson who is the leader of team "departure of today that solution group ceremony is new. Towards new aim, we want you to walk with every effort step by step steadily. 18 players are speaking impression of meeting now when we inform of this bond saying please make thing made of U18 national team pride and confidence carefully.


Kosei Yoshida [Fri foot agriculture]

"Postures to work on in high-level place were different. We want to supplement place that I run out of. We will stimulate good relations of these 17 people in future carefully, and oneself wants to grow up, too"

Yutaro Watanabe [Urawa academy]

"We experience high-level place called national team and want to be able to connect to the coming baseball life"

Koki Nojiri [Kisarazu synthesis]

Through "this experience, we understood that the top needed the top. Result of the third place is regrettable. We want to practice this vexation for bread"

Yoshiya Itagawa [Yokohama]

Through "this meeting, we understood own style. Also, towards the style, we try so hard that Uniform of the Japanese flag is worn"

Ryusei Yamada [Takaoka dealer]

"We experience among good players this time and connect in the future baseball life"

Yasunobu Okugawa [Seiryo 11th grade]

"It was short Schedule, but was able to have a good experience. We make use of this experience and will try so hard that it is come back again next year"

Ren Kakigi [Osaka Toin]

Through "international meeting, we understood own weakness. We want to try this experience hard to win the championship in this Uniform below" (as for the next time)

Yuta Ichikawa [Akinori school organized by contributions]

"We want to make use of what we experienced this time by this team in the coming baseball life"


Ryuma Negoro [evergreen leaves size Kikukawa]

"We sensed high level bodily. We do our best on the next stage"

Kohei Koizumi [Osaka Toin]

"We felt inadequacy at this meeting. We make use in the coming baseball life to be able to become clutch player"


Wataru Hioki [adjutant general / Nihon Univ. three]

Through "Asian Championship, we were able to have a splendid experience. We make use in the next baseball life and, also, do our best to play in Uniform of national team"

Taiki Narama [evergreen leaves size Kikukawa]

What "was able to give characteristic as oneself is proud. We want to do our best on the next stage"

Takuya Nakagawa [captain / Osaka Toin]

"We worked as captain among 18 people called Japan High School National Team and it might be tough, but was able to accomplish as 17 friends supported. We make use of this experience by all means and want to become excellent human being"

Akira Neo [Osaka Toin]

"As a result, it was the third place, but, through this Asian Championship, thinks that team power, power of teacher of the staff lost nowhere than other teams. We practice and want to be come back again to win the championship in another first inning, Uniform"

Kaito Kozono [Hotoku school]

"We appreciate that we were able to play baseball in the best members"


Takuya Hiruma [Urawa academy]

"We worked as adjutant general in baseball of this high level and were able to have a good experience. We tasted vexation, but, also, want to reflect oneself so that this Uniform is worn"

Kyota Fujiwara [Osaka Toin]

"Result of the third place is regrettable, but wants to do our best on the next stage"

Keita Mine [Sohseikan]

It "was good to play baseball on stage of high quality called U18. We want to make use in the next stage"

 And coaching staff, general affairs who supported Japan High School National Team generalize meeting.

Munemoto Nakai head coach

"We play baseball in splendid player, the splendid staff, splendid environment and thank. Heavy responsibility of head coach is left for individual and we make use of coach experience of the past second inning and aimed at championship, but it is regrettable and thinks that it has been over in the third place to be without power amounting. We want "1B of the world" to accomplish this time on the next stage. We want to try so hard that we can make use of problem given this time in the World Cup (going to hold in Korea)" (the next year)

Osamu Hirakawa coach

For "18 days, they brought along, and, including Japan High School Baseball Federation, Miyazaki Japan High School Baseball Federation, the best staff, Asian Championship which we spent with the best player became irreplaceable experience for me. We want to return to next-generation high school student, children"

Takahiro Kobari coach

"We appreciate that we were able to play baseball in splendid support of various places of Miyazaki and cooperation. In splendid support, we were able to concentrate on baseball in comfortable environment. Players hope that they push on on new stage. Myself studied very much, too. Thank you"

Akashi Sasaki general affairs

"We worked with the splendid staff with 18 splendid players and, among Schedule, learned many things and were able to feel. Importance of the spread when we paid more attention to difficulty, the Asia region of international meetings. As well as player, we make use in future baseball instruction and want to share this experience"

 Finally Manager Hiroharu Nagata with Japan High School National Team team says hello.

"We ended with a disappointing result, but, among Schedule, we continued saying all the time, but are fun with baseball of the third place. Bond of 18 people was born by this one pitch. Meeting by 7 countries and areas was held by glove, bat and was able to deepen association interchange. We want it to mature into property to have fought in the ground of Miyazaki. Even celemony of the national team formation said, but wants to send these words last while we may be separated from baseball. Four C. We challenge for chance and change if at a loss and want you to become victor, champion of the life as well as baseball"

 Player, taking picture of group photo by staff all concerned were carried out when we finished solution group ceremony of approximately 30 minutes, coverage correspondence. We request "Samurai pose" of Fri foot agriculture, Kosei Yoshida that photographer became topic from Koshien of this summer. Yoshida leads the song of by oneself, and all the members "shakin" showed to smile. It was heartwarming scene which became one 〝 family 〟.
 Root tail told "to want to leave the best group and the best result" in celemony of the national team formation on August 26, but process than result is important. It must be "Solidarity power" that is password of SAMURAI JAPAN is established from team organization on August 25, and to have become "the best friend and the best team". We may get from defeat while we pursue victory. Leader Hatta proves this fact. "We think that there are thing which we were able to have in our hand in this Schedule, thing which was not worn. Thing which was not worn is bigger. We want you to make future bread. Team becomes dissolution with this solution group ceremony, of each left for home, but figure which regretted parting to the very end was impressive. There is important role that players bring experience that we got in international stage to each school, and should become 〝 missionary 〟.

The twelfth BFA U18 Asian Championship

Overview Players

SAMURAI JAPAN Send-off Match Japan High School National Team vs. Japan Collegiate National Team

Meeting Schedule

From September 3, 2018 to September 10

Group A

Monday, September 3 18:00 26-0 Hong Kong, Japan
Tuesday, September 4 18:00 Sri Lanka 0-15 Japan
Wednesday, September 5 18:00 Japan 1-3 Korea

Super Round

Friday, September 7 18:00 Chinese Taipei 3-1 Japan
Saturday, September 8 18:00 Japan (Cancelled) China

3rd Place Match

Monday, September 10 13:00 Japan 14-1 China


Japan (Miyazaki)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Sri Lanka

Group B
China, Chinese Taipei, Pakistan, Indonesia

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