Accouncement of players

28 Samurai Japan Top Team players for 2018 All STAR SERIES announced

October 10, 2018

 It is please be informed in all Players 28 people of SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team (Manager Atsunori Inaba) facing MLB All-Star team in "2018 ALL STAR SERIES" held in November, 2018 having been decided.


Uniform NumberFull NameTeam teamThrow/Bat
11 Takayuki Kishi Tohoku Rakuten R/R
12 Taichi Ishiyama Tokyo Yakult R/R
14 Daichi Ohsera Hiroshima Toyo R/R
15 Naoyuki Uwasawa Hokkaido Nippon-Ham R/R
16 Nao Higashihama Fukuoka SoftBank R/R
17 Takahiro Matsunaga Chiba Lotte L/L
18 Shinsaburo Tawata Saitama Seibu R/R
19 Yasuaki Yamasaki Yokohama DeNA R/R
21 Katsuki Azuma Yokohama DeNA L/L
24 Yuki Matsui Tohoku Rakuten L/L
26 Haruhiro Hamaguchi Yokohama DeNA L/L
29 Shuta Ishikawa Fukuoka SoftBank R/R
47 Shotaro Kasahara Chunichi L/L
53 Yuhei Takanashi Tohoku Rakuten L/L
Uniform NumberFull NameTeam teamThrow/Bat
10 Tomoya Mori Saitama Seibu R/L
27 Tsubasa Aizawa Hiroshima Toyo R/R
62 Takuya Kai Fukuoka SoftBank R/R
Uniform NumberFull NameTeam teamThrow/Bat
1 Tetsuto Yamada Tokyo Yakult R/R
2 Kosuke Tanaka Hiroshima Toyo R/L
4 Ryosuke Kikuchi Hiroshima Toyo R/R
5 Shuta Tonosaki Saitama Seibu R/R
6 Sosuke Genda Saitama Seibu R/L
8 Kazuma Okamoto Yomiuri R/R
33 Hotaka Yamakawa Saitama Seibu R/R
Uniform NumberFull NameTeam teamThrow/Bat
7 Kazuki Tanaka Tohoku Rakuten R/S
22 Yuki Yanagita Fukuoka SoftBank R/L
25 Yoshitomo Tsutsugoh Yokohama DeNA R/L
55 Shogo Akiyama Saitama Seibu R/L

Players comment

Takayuki Kishi pitcher comment

"We have national team choose and think in honor very delightfully. We want to fulfil own role well since we had you choose. We do our best to contribute to victory of Japan"

Taichi Ishiyama pitcher comment

"We have Japan National Team elect and feel very glad in honor. There is strain in letting Japan National Team Uniform first time the life pass sleeve, but wants to do play not to be ashamed of as member of Tokyo Yakult Swallows"

Daichi Ohsera pitcher comment

"We have you choose and feel very honored. We want to do our best as hard as possible to be able to show own power to have to Japanese baseball fans. We are looking forward to being able to face high-level players playing an active part in measure"

Naoyuki Uwasawa pitcher comment

"We feel very honored that we had SAMURAI JAPAN elect. With pride which carries the Japanese flag on its back wants to face with awareness well. As we actually throw how much level includes batter of Major League and want to feel, it is a pleasure very much. It is nice to be able to fight with chosen first-class players and wants to learn how to work on or technique for baseball"

Nao Higashihama pitcher comment

"We are surprised at having had you choose. We think that valuable experience that can face first-class player benefits oneself future by all means. We want to try so hard that we can pitch oneself well"

Takahiro Matsunaga pitcher comment

"We have you elect and feel very honored. As we think that it is experience that looks forward to being able to face major leaguer almost world national team very, and is valuable, we want to enjoy baseball purely"

Shinsaburo Tawata pitcher comment

"We have you elect and are glad very much. It wants to absorb various things so that this valuable opportunity is connected with own improvement. We do our best to contribute to team in any scene"

Katsuki Azuma pitcher comment

As "nobody is what we can experience, we have you elect and we are very honored and think. As we think that it is baseball different from Japan again, we want to ascertain how long own ability is used. It absorbs that we are provided as top-class players of the Japanese baseball world gather and wants to do in place connected in the next season"

Yuki Matsui pitcher comment

"We can wear Uniform of Japan National Team again and are glad very much. We want to be keenly aware of play of first-class player of Major League on mound. As it is had a very valuable experience, we try hard as hard as possible to be able to connect with future own growth"

Haruhiro Hamaguchi pitcher comment

"It becomes form to decline on the way in Warm-up Game of March and has troubled, but we have you choose again and we feel and want to face joy and responsibility. Using lenience and severity that is own characteristic, we try play that there is not of shame hard as Japan National Team while we wave arm well and go to hitters so that there is with every effort. As it is to be able to play in field same as player of Major League, we see and learn and we are keenly aware of again and it is one and absorbs a lot and wants to connect in the next season"

Shuta Ishikawa pitcher comment

"We feel very honored that we had you elect. We want to take in many things at this opportunity. Since we had you choose, we prepare well and want to face game with awareness"

Shotaro Kasahara pitcher comment

"We feel very honored that it was chosen. We want to try any role hard to show own power, and to contribute to victory of team"

Yuhei Takanashi pitcher comment

"We are glad that we attach the Japanese flag again in being able to fight. As there is not very that we face first-class batter of measure, we want to get that it is various in game. We do our best to contribute to victory of team"

Hajime Moritomo comment

"We have you elect and feel very honored. As it thinks that it is had a valuable experience to face player of MLB, we want to take a lot in even one. We feel responsibility of Japan National Team and play and show full swing to fans"

Tsubasa Aizawa comment

"We feel that we have you elect, and the body is tightened for honor. We prepare to be able to see and want to go to fans by own play well. We are looking forward to the valuable experience that play of the Major League highest peak is keenly aware of"

Takuya Kai comment

"We did not think that oneself could choose possibly. We will look forward to being able to play a game with splendid member now. We are not fidgety very much and want to be able to exert everyday own power"

Tetsuto Yamada player comment

"We have you elect and feel very honored. We want to make feeling of strain and excitement unlike pennant race own further growth and want to do play not to be ashamed of as Japan National Team"

Kosuke Tanaka comment

"We are honored to be chosen. As we can face players of dynamic measure in power, all the speed, it is a pleasure and is excited. We want to do play like oneself to be informed by fans splendor of baseball of Japan"

Shuta Sotozaki comment

As "we had injury all over the season, we have you choose and are glad very much. We run to the next base for batting and want to show own good point by defense and all energy play. We try this ALL STAR SERIES hard to become valuable experience"

Sosuke Genda comment

"We have SAMURAI JAPAN, Top Team elect and are honored. We play even ALL STAR SERIES without change during season and play our part to meet expectation of Manager Inaba"

Kazuma Okamoto comment

"We were surprised, but we have you choose and are very honored. For pitcher of MLB, it is a pleasure very where oneself present passes to. In addition, we do our best as we can play with player representing professional baseball in Japan to be improved more"

Hodaka Yamakawa comment

"We have national team member choose and appreciate. We want to be able to exert own power well. We fight in carrying the Japanese flag on the back, and playing proudly"

Kazuki Tanaka comment

"We have Japan National Team choose and are honored. We try all for the first time and want to absorb various things as players on behalf of Japan gather. As foot and defense are selling, oneself wants to emphasize even national team well"


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Game Schedule

Thursday, November 8 18:00
Giant 6-9 MLB All-Star team
Friday, November 9 18:30
SAMURAI JAPAN 7-6 MLB All-Star team
Saturday, November 10 18:30
MLB All-Star team 6-12 SAMURAI JAPAN
Sunday, November 11 19:00
SAMURAI JAPAN 3-7 MLB All-Star team
Tuesday, November 13 18:30
MLB All-Star team 3-5 SAMURAI JAPAN
Wednesday, November 14 19:00
SAMURAI JAPAN 6-5 MLB All-Star team
Thursday, November 15 18:00
MLB All-Star team 1-4 SAMURAI JAPAN


Thursday, November 8, 9th Friday, 10th Saturday, 11th Sunday Tokyo Dome
Tuesday, November 13 Mazda Stadium
Wednesday, November 14, 15th Thursday Nagoya Dome

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 18:15 game start (going to open at 16:15)
SAMURAI JAPAN 5-6 Chinese Taipei


Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

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SAMURAI JAPAN, Chinese Taipei




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