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World Baseball – Bulgaria - Bulgarian Baseball and its Outlook "Baseball5 Balkan Open"

October 12, 2018

Sentence = Ken Fujimori

 Event called baseball 5 Balkan opening (Baseball5 Balkan Open) was held in park located in capital Sofia of Bulgaria, the center of town on September 14.
 Federation of softball in Bulgaria (Bulgarian Softball Federation) hosted this and was the first attempt that fixed new competition "baseball 5" for the spread of softball baseball in Maine.

Meeting was held in friendly atmosphere from beginning to end (photograph:© WBSC)

 Baseball 5 is new competition that is for street where world baseball softball league (WBSC) lays emphasis on for both competitions spread from this year (simplified), and five system, tool except ball have characteristic called unnecessary, short base interval (13 meters) (they may be easy to understand when they image with closing a bargain baseball of five system).
 Because this competition is economical, and game is performed speedily and dynamically by the characteristic and it does not choose place, place and area, extent to age group that the spread of baseball softball did not advance to so far are expected.

 There is the need of appeal to Paris Olympics in Europe in particular in 2024, too, and development in downtown using this new competition seems to be regarded as important.
 In fact, we are introduced on a large scale at the beginning of this year at baseball softball general meeting in held Paris in Europe and hear from attendant when strong pushing was promised by not only federation of world baseball softball but also European federation of baseball and federation of European softball to take action positively for league of each country.

 Meeting received the flow and was planned, and added to Bulgaria of the host country, and Czech, Romania, Serbia of close neighboring country participated and were just performed by man and woman mixture.

 Result was narrow margin, and Bulgarian team was championship, but weight was put in deepening the friendship of each country while there being the situation that most of the participants participated in this new competition for the first time, and investigating way of development of baseball 5 future than results, and meeting advanced in atmosphere harmonious from beginning to end.

WBSC held seminar on the day before meeting (photo courtesy: federation of Bulgaria softball)

 In addition, we performed activity that child and commoner could participate in at the same time when we could utilize this opportunity as well as game of adult team more effectively.
 This day was world clean up D to just clean all at once at each site in world. As in late years we tended to be treated on a large scale in the media in Bulgaria, we performed cleaning of park of tomazuha Location with children, too.

 We established simple game by club team opposition of children, time when we played a game with simple explanation through practice about baseball 5 next and could experience new competition afterwards.

 In center of town with much pedestrian traffic, children were pleased with event in atmosphere that there was not of what we tasted in usual times including field set up neatly and music to drift behind very much although being plain and were satisfied.

Many children participated in event at the center of town (photo courtesy: federation of Bulgaria softball)

 The person concerned usually felt on seeing figure which they were pleased with as adult was first and had low priority and was children with a few game and events what it was and strongly thought when such opportunities should increase.
 In addition, we installed cage which could experience batting aside of coat and we had passing child and youths participate in event and were able to convey charm of both baseball softball competitions to many people throughout the day.

Game of BASEBALL5 of children was held, too (photo courtesy: federation of Bulgaria softball)

 Holding of the next meeting was declared at the time of the meeting end in Belgrade of Serbia, and federation of softball's chairperson in Bulgaria promised holding of country meeting for children in the next fiscal year, and event was over in the prosperity.

 European federation of baseball and federation of softball in Europe gather meeting like this time and the people concerned of each in total European country and, as well as world baseball softball league, hold class of new competition and hear when they declare that they develop similar meeting sequentially. Expectation is just sublimed into future development, but wants to report at this place if there is any progress again.

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