Team Report

2nd day of Samurai Japan U-23 final training camp – Enthusiastic coaching to Yasuda (Lotte), expecting further growth

October 12, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN U-23 national team which participated in the second WBSC U-23 World Cup (from October 19 Colombia barankija) was October 12, ground in the suburbs of Tokyo and practiced the camp second day just before meeting. As for this day, Tokyo Gas, Yuki Nakayama joins, and 21 of 24 members (Rakuten, Kengo Horiuchi, Yasuto Uchida, Hanshin, Kairi Shimada are going to join from practice game on 14th) gather and sweat for approximately four hours.

 By batting practice, Manager Atsunori Inaba is fiery zeal instruction in Lotte, Hisanori Yasuda. Manager which set 2,167 hits, 261 home runs, 1,050 runs batted in for the active play era sends advice as the same L person.

"It is player who there is wallop, and is pleasing. We still step on stage as we are young, and this meeting Schedule wants you to grow up, too. Originally there is power to give up, but may become left to power when tired. When it is bad and when fatigue accumulated when enough in seasons of one year, how does professional baseball support? It does not depend on the upper part of the body and must do adductor, swing using lower part of the body. How to use head, the softness of wrist are necessary it is difference between metal bat and woodenness (high school days) (bat). When head does not bend, ball does not fly. As well as Yasuda, we will pray in the future as it is meeting of players who are full of the nature when we want you to make this SAMURAI JAPAN the start of growth"

 On the day before camp (October 10), Manager Inaba announces 28 members of "2018 ALL STAR SERIES" (the November 9 start) as manager of Top Team now. After the 11th grade, Tokyo Olympics of 2020 become team formation that we fixed our eyes on, but it is said that cases which candidate comes out of this U-23 to are enough.

"What happens earlier for two years? We experience this meeting and may suddenly grow up. With reserved mountain (Yoshinori) coach, we see in such a viewpoint. Only as for the player that we saw live throw of pitcher in the bull pen for these two days, but there is power of ball as for everybody and is a pleasure. We expect after all 24 people, this meeting including fielder when you should disguise yourself more"

 We perform Amateur team and practice game, but right arm, shushi** is planned in the high-school graduate second year of Lotte that the forerunner puts on uniform number 18 tomorrow. We are not blessed with wins, but we make the first departure (0 wins four defeats, 1 pitching the whole game) for seven games in this season in the first team and are rose color stock touching power remarkably. Reserved mountain coach "gives condition from the season end game, and straight is strong, and fork after we drive is good, and there is in level that batter of the first team cannot hit. It is problem to connect with future growth probability is good, and to throw in afterward. 2 innings are planned saying thing to have is splendid and load the forerunner of foreign game first match of this team with expectation. Ahead of the tomorrow's pitch Taneichi "want to concentrate on. We should be in Miyazaki (phoenix league), but as we were in the different world, we were concerned with various person and originally looked ahead saying we want to do for good experience.

 In addition, we heard story to three classmates of DeNA, Shuto Sakurai pitcher, infielder Rakuten, Kenji Nishimaki, infielder Lotte, Hisanori Yasuda who won bronze medal with U-18W cup (Canada Thunder Bay) of last September after the practice. We become teammate again approximately one year later and talk about ambition of SAMURAI JAPAN that category went from U-18 on U-23 hot.

――It became "reencounter" for the first time in approximately one year.

Nishimaki "there is friend who experienced U-18 as SAMURAI JAPAN together, and, in classmates, is stouthearted. As we know each other, it becomes professional and is glad that we can play again"

Yasuda "held whether said reencounter in eastern all the time, and came including face. As it looks at place where each other grows up, it is a pleasure that there is the same team. As it is the youngest, we cheer up in these three people and want to do our best"

Sakurai "think that no longer make friends, and was able to come here without changing with time of high school as face in eastern, and went to eat rice together. Though there is Manager Inaba four (Yokohama DeNA, Kosuke Sakaguchi pitcher) in the high-school graduate first year to say as teamwork becomes important, we do all four of them peacefully and can have confidence about Solidarity"

――Own role in team?

Nishimaki "wants to keep team batting in mind to contribute to victory as far as we appear for game as I think whether it is duty to tie as I think that strategic system, signature of team are more likely to be given"

――In today's practice, we received blow instruction from Manager Inaba.

Yasuda when as "is such an opportunity, director, coach give an advice in various ways, and oneself should be able to grow up, too. If we can contribute to team with effort without cheering up well in team, and being afraid of result. Is it home run? Team can contribute, they should be able to bat one somehow though you should be able to provide"

――We play an active part as Yasuda, clean up with Kotaro Kiyomiya (early true - Nippon-Ham) in U-18. It became the election as "pitcher" this time.

Sakurai though "was pitcher registration at the age of high school, appear in one of batter, and is glad of what can experience concerning pitcher both in U-23. In it leaving for batter to be able to speak oneself though think that role is relief team with sei izukerarereba. We want to grow up while asking reserved mountain coach, senior"

The second WBSC U-23 World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From October 19, 2018 to October 28

Opening round

Saturday, October 20 5:00 Japan 13-0 South Africa
Sunday, October 21 0:00 Chinese Taipei 1-3 Japan
Monday, October 22 0:00 Japan - Mexico
The Tuesday, October 23 0:00 Japan - Netherlands
Wednesday, October 24 10:00 Colombia - Japan
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

From Friday, October 26 to Sunday, October 28
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)

Final Game, 3rd Place Match

Monday, October 29 3:00 3rd Place Match
Monday, October 29 9:00 Final Game
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Colombia (barankija)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa

Group B
Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Czech




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