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Taiga’s come-from-behind triple helps defeat Colombia - Japan wins all five opening round games

October 24, 2018

 The Japan National Baseball Team "SAMURAI JAPAN" participating in the second WBSC U-23 World Cup (Colombia barankija) U-23 national team faces Colombia in opening round final match on October 23. Meeting, Japan permitted the first goal for the first time, but just gave glory to start 5 successive victory with come-from-behind win (seven to two). Japan decides breakthrough in group A1 rank and sandwiches rest Sun on 24th and makes a foray from 25th into Super Round.

SAMURAI JAPAN U-23 national team, starter
(CF) Kairi Shimada (Hanshin)
(SS) big river (DeNA)
(LF) Ryosuke Kishisato (Nippon-Ham)
(3B) Yasuhito Uchida (Rakuten)
(1B) Hisanori Yasuda (Lotte)
(DH) Yosyua Miyazawa (NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Corp. kazusa magic)
(C) Kengo Horiuchi (Rakuten)
(2B) Kenji Nishimaki (Rakuten)
(RF) Ukyo Shuto (SoftBank)
▼Pitcher Naruki Terashima (Yakult)

 Japan rearranged the batting order. Game with Netherlands on the day before and the state give the first, the sixth big river to second-rate in Shimada who was second-rate, and three people after three clean up and seventh lower Miyazawa who was the first by all four games from the start to the sixth. It fitted in suddenly to have employed two people of blow favorable condition to 1B, the second, and, as for Shimada, ideal lead-off man, big river which returned in 3 hits in 5 at bats 1 steal, all of going to the first base in home met fine play and selection to the second wonderfully when they protected in reversal timely.

 Stand is play ball in perfection away where it is crowded with a large number of local fans, and great encouragement to Colombia is sent. Japan finishes attack of top of the first inning in three up three down. We were exposed to timely hit, and, in defense, Japan of the back, forerunner, Terashima just permitted cleanup of partner meeting, the first first goal from dying 1B, third base. When "we permit opening batsman hit (between the right and center two-base hit) in start and have been opened the scoring, but will control in minimum Run" (Terashima). In addition, it cut the sixth hitters for struck out swinging though two outs 1B, third base and pinch continued, and it was big to have held out in 1 Run.

 Top of the third inning, Colombia switch to from the starting pitcher who suppressed the Japanese batting order for 2 inning no hits (3 strikeouts) the second person. As a result, this pitcher relief changed flow of game. When top ninth, lap east chooses walk of fastballs, we let safety bunt to in front of third base succeed in first, Shimada and open no outs 1B, second base and chance. Japanese dugout is signature of sacrifice bunt here. However, the second, big river performs foul of bunt and is driven into 2 strikes. We succeed in reversal by two points of three-base hits to tear the L middle when we change to hitting without trailing mistake. As "we failed in bunt, we were going to swing decisively. We cannot but go with feeling. Feeling to attack to partner gave life (big river). The first ball of Kishinosato that spread out became wild pitch of partner pitcher and gave the third point.

 Forerunner, Terashima was from influence that first inning "had been overawed by atmosphere of Stadium" (Terashima), or scene which lacked in control a little was seen, but after two times revised well. As "Horiuchi of catcher threw with breaking ball on seeing batter, we were all right as partner hitters was inserted straight" (Terashima). It curved to sharp fastballs and, for skill in throw with slider, was solid-looking.

 It reaches bottom of the sixth inning, this game, the greatest climax. Terashima gives opening batsman (the third) walk and leaves when we suppress on-deck hitter in fly to RF. The second person, Suzuki is exposed to two-base hit to the fifth, and dying two, third base. When it is said that it is with the bases full in hit by pitch, we are considered to be one point in sacrifice fly to CF. In addition, two, third base and one hit are scenes where are led if we appear, and Manager Inaba switches to left arm, Horie. Horie concentrates on the eighth hitters calmly saying "we heard great encouragement of partner, but we think to be encouragement to oneself and threw" and, in sliders attacking interior angle of the right hitters, cuts for struck out swinging. Following first inning, we got in minimum Run and did not hand against flow that was about to decline.

 In Japan which escaped from pinch, top of the seventh inning, top eighth, Nishimaki are RF leaders on horseback. Japanese dugout shows meeting first hit upsurge now. Lap east sends on bunt, and middle taking the lead on horseback, big river connect in walk, and Shimada is with the bases full. Third, Kishinosato is sticky in fauru after we were driven, and right front becomes timely, and hit that beat eight pitches gives long-awaited another point. In addition, we open reed to four points in sacrifice fly to CF of Yasuda when Uchida chooses bases-loaded walk among full bases.

 In Japan which held initiative, left arm, Narita controls one hit of 2 innings in no Run from seventh inning on a certain dynamism mound. Japan adds one point in top of the ninth inning, sacrifice fly of Yasuda; seven to two. As for the bottom of the ninth inning, fifth person, Nagai overwhelms the Columbian batting order with grounder to SS, struck out looking, struck out looking and closes game.

 Japan is the Group A top passage. We make a foray into Super Round in "5 successive victories" as Manager Inaba drew blueprint before the start. By opening round five games, five forerunners play a game each and make up, and relief pitcher shows characteristic, too. Mobility and pinch-hitter like Japan carry out the batting order thoroughly and push forward ideal fight. Because Opponent result with higher three teams by opening round is carried over to Super Round, Japan is handling of "three wins 0 defeats". We face higher three teams (first place, Venezuela, second place, Dominican Republic, third place, Korea) of Group B in Super Round from 25th in local time, and higher two teams push forward piece to Final Game by result of six games in total. Japan is king of the first meeting (Mexico). We charge to "the number one in the world" "meeting straight victory" that Manager Inaba talks about as "aim" after team start.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

It "was opened the scoring in first inning, but what he/she held down to one point was big. We came from behind in third inning (in the batting order), and good flow was possible. We changed the batting order to the second (in the big river) and played a good role. Each one of pitcher which we appointed played in hitters today, and what we controlled with one point was big (as for the pinch of sixth inning). Solidarity powers increase every one game, too and become strong as team. Super Round thinks that severe fight continues, too, but wants to fight together. We think that it will be run a close race as there are many good pitcher, good batters when we see Group B"


As "atmosphere of team is good, we want to go with this condition. We were overwhelmed first, but we enjoyed and were able to do it" (in hometown, one color of Colombia)

Naruki Terashima pitcher

If "there is opportunity to throw Super Round, we want to do if we may contribute to victory"

The second WBSC U-23 World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From October 19, 2018 to October 28

Opening round

Saturday, October 20 5:00 Japan 13-0 South Africa
Sunday, October 21 0:00 Chinese Taipei 1-3 Japan
Monday, October 22 0:00 Japan 7-2 Mexico
The Tuesday, October 23 0:00 Japan 5-0 Netherlands
Wednesday, October 24 10:00 2-7, Columbia Japan
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, October 26 0:00 Japan 3-2 Korea
Saturday, October 27 5:00 Japan 6-3 Venezuela
The Sunday, October 28 0:00 Japan 4-0 Dominican Republic
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Monday, October 29 9:00 Japan 1-2 Mexico
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Colombia (barankija)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa

Group B
Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Czech




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