Game Report

Uchida's 3 RBIs including 2 runs and Shuto’s nice return allow the team to get out of several jams, contributing to wining the close game

October 26, 2018

 The Japan National Baseball Team "SAMURAI JAPAN" participating in the second WBSC U-23 World Cup (Colombia barankija) U-23 national team faces Korea of group B3 rank by Super Round first match on October 25. Japan which achieved the first place passage of five five wins in Group A of opening round defeated rival, Korea of Asia with three to two.
 Japan assumes results in total three wins 0 defeats including two wins that they carried over from opening round.

SAMURAI JAPAN U-23 national team, starter
(CF) Kairi Shimada (Hanshin)
(SS) big river (DeNA)
(LF) Ryosuke Kishisato (Nippon-Ham)
(3B) Yasuhito Uchida (Rakuten)
(1B) Hisanori Yasuda (Lotte)
(DH) Yosyua Miyazawa (NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL Corp. kazusa magic)
(C) Kengo Horiuchi (Rakuten)
(2B) Kenji Nishimaki (Rakuten)
(RF) Ukyo Shuto (SoftBank)
▼Pitcher Soichiro Yamazaki (Orix)

 Ukyo Shuto of right continued pulling back flow to Japan through assist of this game three times by flow that inclined to Korea through this game many times without hill staff who was brisk in conventional game being able to get on wave though Uchida of the captain put up all RBIs of team by initiative timely, two-run homer.

 Japan made the batting order same as opening round final match with Colombia, and the second forerunner was entrusted with since game with South Africa on 19th Yamasaki. Top of the first inning, Yamasaki hold the Korean batting order in check in three people. Back, Japan get to first base by lucky hit that became form that big river offers to each other with second baseman with right fielder partner from dying. Big river succeeds in stealing second for the first ball of cleanup slot, Uchida after third, Kishinosato fell strikeout. Uchida threw initiative timely which carried breaking ball close to exterior angle to left front from count 1 ball 1 strike a little.
 Top of the second inning, top Korean cleanup give off net of fence direct hit to right wing line. When right fielder, lap east processes cushion ball for this batted ball well, throw a ball to second base immediately; and tag. Superior batted ball judgment and strong throwing arm checked second base advancement of the hitters runner.

 Scene which is strict with top of the third inning is visited. Yamasaki widens no outs 1B, third base and pinch by walk and RF taking the lead on horseback. Leadoff is dying in fly to LF. Yamasaki stabs with first base check, runner when count of the second continuing hitters becomes 1 ball 1 strike. In two outs third base, we kill the second hitters in flied out to center and escape from pinch.

 In top of the fifth inning which we reached as one to 0, the ninth Korean hitters is between the right and center two-base hit from two outs. Japan is changed from the forerunner, Yamasaki in second person, Mizuno here. Return that RF leader on horseback is touched by the first to continue, but lap east of strong throwing arm likes to home base again. We did not let you make tie score by capturing and killing to check the safe return of the second base runner.

 Bottom of the sixth inning, Korea are changed in the second person pitcher. Japan is going to the first base by hit that top Shimada beats the eleventh pitch and passes through the third baseman L side keenly. The second, big river spreading out fails in bunt and falls down in flied out to center after all without being able to send to sacrifice bunt. Though third, Kishinosato is sticky with ten pitches, too, struck out looking. Cleanup slot, Uchida hits hidariyokuetsu eno two run homer (now meeting 3) in scene which became two outs first base and takes long-awaited another point away.
As "pitcher held out, I wanted another point somehow. We aimed at extra-base hit, but it was good to turn out best called home run." (Uchida)

 Japan assumes three to 0 and was going to want to succeed in escaping by end game 3 inning, but relief hill staff in good condition disturbs control in top of the seventh inning from opening round. Left arm, Horie who received baton pushes out of the third person, Suzuki in 3 continuation walk and hit by pitch in two outs first base. Nagai whom we took place of here gives hit by pitch and is assumed one point by consecutive pushing out. No hits lost two points in 5 walk and hit by pitch in total in this time, too. As for Nagai, top of the eighth inning is dying 1B, second base in pains, two walk and hit by pitch for control, too. We entrust left arm, Narita with mount here. It is two outs in struck out looking in on-deck hitters. Following leadoff hits RF taking the lead on horseback, but lap east shoves in high dash and catches and blocks the home base safe return of the second base runner by quick throw again. Strong throwing arm of lap east saved predicament of Japan three times.
"We couldn't but question when we had one point stolen (as for the eighth inning) as it was tie score. It is good that prepared for oneself; was able to play. As oneself could not contribute by batting, it thought by defense somehow, but it was good until now that it was possible for it. Including cushion ball, we were able to handle calmly (as for the second inning) (lap east). The third that Narita gives opening batsman of top of the ninth inning walk, but continues is grounder to SS double play. Finally, Japan holds on and wins one point in grounder to P in Korean cleanup.

 In Japan, this game, 10 walk and hit by pitch and hill staff in total lacked in vividness. But, in scene where Run is not permitted, we cannot overlook that original catcher, Horiuchi receiving ball stopped 1 bound throw many times. Not only this fight, posture that we devote our life and continue catching wants to praise. In addition, as far as bat of all team cleanup slot, Uchida who gave three runs batted in is reliable. Super Round is remainder two games. (local time 26th, 15:00 game start) will face Venezuela where the top passed Group B in 5 successive victories tomorrow. Direct confrontation between the group first place. Japan revises problem given by game with Korea and fights aiming at championship.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"We do not go smoothly. It always becomes such game development with Korea. But it has value to have been able to gain a complete victory. To go that, anyway, pitcher puts by early continual pitching and wins. There were various kinds, but everybody did the best. When we could not beat, we came over under the theme of protecting, but practiced it. When Uchida is best for Uchida as for the cleanup slot of our team all the time, we urge on. It was good to have appeared in good form (timely and home run). Venezuela wins 5 straight victories in Group B. As we think that we do not go so easy, it becomes team bullet and wants to win"

Kakeru Narita pitcher

"Reliefs pitched from the first half, and there did not be in the latter half as the difference in points was development such as one point and we thought and were ready well. It was good to be controlled somehow. It was the best to have been thrown for good feeling of strain"

The second WBSC U-23 World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From October 19, 2018 to October 28

Opening round

Saturday, October 20 5:00 Japan 13-0 South Africa
Sunday, October 21 0:00 Chinese Taipei 1-3 Japan
Monday, October 22 0:00 Japan 7-2 Mexico
The Tuesday, October 23 0:00 Japan 5-0 Netherlands
Wednesday, October 24 10:00 2-7, Columbia Japan
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, October 26 0:00 Japan 3-2 Korea
Saturday, October 27 5:00 Japan 6-3 Venezuela
The Sunday, October 28 0:00 Japan 4-0 Dominican Republic
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Monday, October 29 9:00 Japan 1-2 Mexico
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Colombia (barankija)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa

Group B
Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Czech




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