Game Report

Harasawa’s 3 RBIs in the starting lineup and Horiuchi’s game-winning 3 runs allow the team to advance to the final round

October 27, 2018

 The Japan National Baseball Team "SAMURAI JAPAN" participating in the second WBSC U-23 World Cup (Colombia barankija) U-23 national team faces Venezuela by Super Round Game 2 on October 26.
 Japan which led three to three bottom of the eighth inning by three-run homer of Horiuchi (Rakuten) won six to three close battle and accomplished seven clean scores from the start and decided Final Game advance to continue in the first meeting (Mexico) that won the championship.

SAMURAI JAPAN U-23 national team, starter
(CF) Kairi Shimada (Hanshin)
(SS) big river (DeNA)
(LF) Ryosuke Kishisato (Nippon-Ham)
(3B) Yasuhito Uchida (Rakuten)
(1B) Hisanori Yasuda (Lotte)
(DH) Kento Harasawa (SUBARU)
(C) Kengo Horiuchi (Rakuten)
(2B) Kenji Nishimaki (Rakuten)
(RF) Ukyo Shuto (SoftBank)
▼Pitcher Atsuki Taneichi (Lotte)

 Manager Inaba that meeting just featured the theme of baseball to go to get one point. Command of passion to be devoted to victory was realized. Horiuchi is migietsu eheno Final Game 3-run from bottom of the eighth inning dying 1B, second base which we reached with three to three. We drew good pitcher as meeting, original catcher, and headquarters that we devoted our life for ball of 1 bound and caught just decided game with bat.

 Japan is brought into inferior development suddenly in the early stages. Top of the first inning, forerunner, Taneichi were exposed to initiative 3-run from two outs 1B, second base. But, from the back, bases loaded and two outs, we return left-front timely hit of sixth, hara* for two points. Top cleanup slot, Uchida goes over the inside in bottom of the third inning; three-base hit. hara* hits RF two-base hit again and, after the dying, catches up with three to three tie score. hara* of three runs batted in of DHs was just starter selection that meeting was the first in place of Miyazawa who had been appointed in six games continuation as a starting member until the day before. "We were ready for feeling. We thought that we would wave from the first ball as it was chance. We believed force (in the second turn at bat) and gave up strike and, as a result, flew to good place. It was good to be able to contribute to team even a little. There was not hit, but met used of Manager Inaba with the past three games, two at bats wonderfully.

 Starting Taneichi does not permit severe throw to carry the runner on its back after second inning over and over again Run either. Horiuchi who received ball says. "Taneichi did not have good condition itself, but suppressed point". Fork after they drove into 2 strikes was effective, and the Venezuela batting order was not able to cope in particular with ball which strikeout changed into keenly in desired scene.

 Bottom of the forth inning, go-ahead chance visit Japan. The hit loss neno batted ball which top lap east beat against favors, and first base bad throw of partner pitcher is piled up, too and advances to second base. The batting order is first, Shimada here. Is first, and all two at bats of them choose walk by tenacity of characteristic, and work to be enough for here was expected, but is involved in the first ball; and fly to LF. In the case of turn at bat of the second, big river, we fail without pushing forward the runner though lap east tries steal of the third base. This time ended in no score in three people. Top of the fifth inning two outs. Shimada could not catch though we tried diving, and, for fly ball of the center field that the second Venezuelan hitters gave off, it was three-base hit. Taneichi of mound was not upset by this pinch either and we suppressed on-deck hitter in flied out to center and escaped from predicament. However, hit did not leave from fifth inning in 3 inning continuations, and the Japanese batting order was unable to hit before powerful pitch of the third person Venezuelan left arm.

 As three to three, it is attacked Japan of bottom of the eighth inning. Top cleanup slot, Uchida gets to first base by middle taking the lead on horseback. Manager Inaba just provided signature of sacrifice bunt for the fifth, Yasuda which continued six games barrage and favorable condition from the start until meeting, the day before here. Manager talks about the intention in this way. "Uchida appeared and was wondering what I should do. We push forward runner and want to get one point somehow. Yasuda decided bunt well. Yasuda takes a posture of bunt from the first ball. It is success in rolling the fourth pitch from 2 ball 1 strikes to in front of Pitching, and pushing forward the first base runner to second base surely. We decided sacrifice bunt which we did not record in this season through 1B, farm team of rookie season by this game that really matters.
 After sixth, hara* which spread out assumed 2 balls, is seventh, Horiuchi in no outs 1B, second base by report intentional walk in turn at bat. Two games were not successful with no hit in 6 at bats in total, but do big job recently in this good opportunity. The full batted ball which swung drew big arc and jumped into right wing seat without overlooking the third pitch, slider who entered indulgently from count 1 ball 1 strike. For go-ahead 3-run, Horiuchi looked back with smile.
"Result followed recently as we never hit when we kept only full swing, it in mind. What did you prepare for so that * tsutokadehanaku, any ball all swung fully? Taneichi did the best and was annoyed at my not being able to beat, but the last thing that we could hit with such a form last was good."

 Three points of Manager Inaba who took the lead appoints left arm, Narita in place of bottom of the ninth inning, Taneichi of eighth inning 3 Run. It became taking mound consecutively from the day before when we suppressed meeting fourth game, first inning 2/3, but just controlled three hitters tight.

 Japan left Super Round one game by seven only clean scores and achieved Final Game advance. We continue fight that fight with the Dominican Republic on (local time 27th) did tight and will be place that we want to connect with Final Game on 28th to aim at straight victory tomorrow.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"We made 3 mistakes in first inning, but what we could catch up with immediately was good. What Taneichi gave up tenaciously even if we say anything is factor that flow came in Japan. Balance engages with Throw/Bat. It is said in direction where what rhythm, change of attack and defense are done and throw in the situation that pitchers feel uncomfortable at tenaciously is good. We want to go to take in another two games, all the members" (by victory)

Atsuki Taneichi pitcher

As "we employed many middle relievers in the yesterday's game, we thought that it was lowest and must throw to around six or seven times. Home run was hit in first inning, but thinks that it was good to have been able to be sticky afterwards. We threw in thought to make one win here, and to want to go to Final Game today."

The second WBSC U-23 World Cup

Overview Players

Meeting Schedule

From October 19, 2018 to October 28

Opening round

Saturday, October 20 5:00 Japan 13-0 South Africa
Sunday, October 21 0:00 Chinese Taipei 1-3 Japan
Monday, October 22 0:00 Japan 7-2 Mexico
The Tuesday, October 23 0:00 Japan 5-0 Netherlands
Wednesday, October 24 10:00 2-7, Columbia Japan
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)

Super Round

Friday, October 26 0:00 Japan 3-2 Korea
Saturday, October 27 5:00 Japan 6-3 Venezuela
The Sunday, October 28 0:00 Japan 4-0 Dominican Republic
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Monday, October 29 9:00 Japan 1-2 Mexico
※The start time Japan time (Colombia: at time difference -14 time)


Colombia (barankija)

Participating Countries and Regions (provisional)

Group A
Japan, Mexico, Chinese Taipei, Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa

Group B
Korea, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Czech




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