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Yuki Yanagita's leads to Japan's dramatic come-from-behind victory in the 2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series opening game

November 9, 2018

 On November 9, 2018 ALL STAR SERIES begins in Tokyo Dome. SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team which faced MLB All-Star team won with seven to six by dramatic come-from-behind winning in the bottom of the ninth inning.

 It was the dramatic end. When pinch hitter, Seiji Uebayashi (SoftBank) advances from bottom of the ninth inning, 1 out to second base by hit and steal before center, Uebayashi comes back alive in in front of center timely of pinch hitter, Tsubasa Aizawa (Hiroshima); one point. The fifth Yuki Yanagita (SoftBank) entered turn at bat here.
 We got no hits, but it was reversal walk-off two-run home run home run that the batted ball described big arc and jumped into back screen including walk of third inning, five times of intentional bases on balls when we were unselfish and swung the second pitch saying "we were going to hit ball which hit with ball which came with own swing". Yanagita became "miracle" and the dramatic end as we looked back in this, too.

"We controlled the pace of good game and were in love, but as ..." and Don Mattingly director of MLB bowed their head, MLB always took the first move, and game advanced, and SAMURAI JAPAN was forced to painful fight.
 Top of the second inning, change-up of Takayuki Kishi (Rakuten) are carried to the left stands in prospect Rosario (Mets) and forgive the initiative. On the other hand, SAMURAI JAPAN gives back one point between consecutive hits of Takuya Kai (SoftBank) and Kosuke Tanaka (Hiroshima), infield grounders of Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima), too.

 But we leave two runners whom Kishi permitted going to the first base in consecutive hits in the top of the fifth inning and leave because PC just exceeded 80 pitches of meeting rule. It was daring, and exterior angle fastballs close to the middle was carried to the left stands in swing that Kakeru Narita (Lotte) replaced here was smart, made use of bending of bat in Carlos Santana (Phillies) and lost three points.
 Still, as for the SAMURAI JAPAN, Shogo Akiyama (Seibu) gives off two-base hit of runner sweep from mat and lease (Diamondbacks) that pitched halfway in the back, this time and catches up with tie score immediately.  Furthermore, go-ahead chance continued, but MLB avoids Yanagita and chooses Kazuma Okamoto (giant) game. We held here down to struck out swinging and showed passion to victory.
 Then fan Soto (Nationals) gave off two run homer home run not to defy, and to carry fastballs which Akitake Okada (Hiroshima) cast on the outside to the left stands in the top of the sixth inning just after that and succeeded to lead again.

 It is the underhand throw right arm, Rei Takahashi (SoftBank) which held 2 innings from seventh inning in check in no Run that changed such an unpleasant flow. We take 3 strikeouts away in orbital fastballs and sharp sliders who become alienated although we sent the runner and show characteristic. Yasuaki Yamasaki (DeNA) held ninth inning in check in no Run and was able to connect to attack of the last inning with the smallest winning margin.
 In addition, previous Run is not thing by walk and hit by pitch and mistake, too, and Manager Atsunori Inaba looks back saying "we thought that we can get back as it was Run with being beaten". Result that provided aggressiveness and tenacity pitcher, fielder each was connected for dramatic victory from powerful enemy partner as having stuck out the chest saying Akiyama "was able to play baseball of Japan to hang onto while we ran after".

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"We were stately (as for the Takahashi). We think that we can finish throwing out to inside pitches, and partner had a hard fight. He/she did splendid throw. You should get point (as problem of team) and are going to speak what even infield grounder does to one point somehow in the tomorrow's meeting as, by the way, there was scene which is not removed"

Shogo Akiyama (Seibu)

"Fastballs was strong (as for the partner hill staff) and thought scene of timely "are you pushed to there?". We want to be able to cope through this meeting"

Manager Don Mattingly

"There were not many at all data, but avoided as "Yanagita was identified as hitters with power". But, for partner of the first Opponent, we were not able to hold all down well"

Fan Soto (Nationals)

As "Stadium here was the best atmosphere, we hit home run and were arrogant very much. We think that we come to be able to gradually cope now as it is stage when partner ascertains what kind of each Japanese pitcher"


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Thursday, November 8 18:00
Giant 6-9 MLB All-Star team
Friday, November 9 18:30
SAMURAI JAPAN 7-6 MLB All-Star team
Saturday, November 10 18:30
MLB All-Star team 6-12 SAMURAI JAPAN
Sunday, November 11 19:00
SAMURAI JAPAN 3-7 MLB All-Star team
Tuesday, November 13 18:30
MLB All-Star team 3-5 SAMURAI JAPAN
Wednesday, November 14 19:00
SAMURAI JAPAN 6-5 MLB All-Star team
Thursday, November 15 18:00
MLB All-Star team 1-4 SAMURAI JAPAN


Thursday, November 8, 9th Friday, 10th Saturday, 11th Sunday Tokyo Dome
Tuesday, November 13 Mazda Stadium
Wednesday, November 14, 15th Thursday Nagoya Dome

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 18:15 game start (going to open at 16:15)
SAMURAI JAPAN 5-6 Chinese Taipei


Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

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SAMURAI JAPAN, Chinese Taipei

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