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Ryosuke Kikuchi's game-winning squeeze with small-ball strategies leads to Japan's come-from-behind victory in the last part of the game

November 13, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team which Game 4 of 2018 ALL STAR SERIES is carried out in Mazda Zoom-Zoom stadium Hiroshima on November 13, and faced MLB All-Star team is come-from-behind win for the end game. We won with five to three and assumed Opponent results three wins one defeat.

 Hiroki Kuroda (previous Hiroshima) that SAMURAI JAPAN raised its Daichi Ohsera (Hiroshima), Kenta Maeda (Dodgers) that MLB played in Hiroshima for nine years, Japan-U.S. 203 wins in total might say to both starting pitchers with the opening ceremony, and Game 4 in Hiroshima began while it was wrapped in heat.

 It is MLB to have opened the scoring. We hit initiative home run that bottom of the second inning, lease hosukinsu (Phillies) jumped into reverse light stand. It was gave up Osera by serious blow, but after that we controlled to one hit saying "we were aggressive and seemed to be oneself were able to throw a ball" and completed 5 innings with 73 pitches.

 On the other hand, starting Maeda held down one hit of 2 innings to no Run 2 striking out, and MLB showed nice pitching by triumphant return pitch. Furthermore, fan Soto (Nationals) gave off timely in bottom of the seventh inning to right line, and following pitcher took another point away when Chris Martin (Rangers / previous Nippon-Ham) controlled the SAMURAI JAPAN batting order in no Run to seventh inning.

 As for the SAMURAI JAPAN which we wanted to counterattack, Shogo Akiyama (Seibu) gave off inside-the-park homer from 1 out in eighth inning and lost the third point by sacrifice fly of Carlos Santana (Phillies) on the back when we returned one point, but set massive attack in ninth inning.

 At first we succeed by stealing second afterwards when Kazuki Tanaka (Rakuten) appointed as pinch hitter at the top chooses walk. We reach home plate by hit before center of Seiji Uebayashi (SoftBank) and assume one point. Furthermore, we catch up with tie score by hit before center of sacrifice bunt and Kosuke Tanaka (Hiroshima) of hi*yoku (Hiroshima). And Kosuke Tanaka succeeds in stealing second this time. When this causes throw mistake of partner catcher more, we advance to third base. Declare, and Akiyama is avoided here; in turn at bat Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima).

 When Kikuchi which received suggestion of safety squeeze that the third base runner runs about for answers "how about with the second pitch?", and roll before first base tight when signature appears to the second pitch, and Tanaka transfers fast runner, and do head sliding in home base after bunting from Manager Atsunori Inaba beforehand; narrow escape safe. We succeed in net win at last.
 Furthermore, when Yuki Yanagita (SoftBank) which continued flung the batted ball and hit grounded out to SS, Akiyama which signature of grounder go (the third base runner makes a start when the batted ball rolled) appeared shoved in home base from third base without hesitation, and five points of double check fascinated.
 Yasuaki Yamasaki (DeNA) that these two points of leads were reached in back, "yasuakijambu" of the whole Stadium is defense game is over in no Run. Speed and delicate technique that were good point were clear for the end game and gained come-from-behind win of satisfaction.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"Hill staff threw tenaciously generally. Form that we did not give up till the last (as for 8.9 times of attacks) appeared. This has big meaning in today's game development (as for some extra points for insurance between infield grounders of Yanagida). We think that it is strategy that seems to be Japan which must still continue with one point which we gained at speed that is Japanese weapon"

Daichi Ohsera (Hiroshima)

"There was unusual feeling of strain that we could bandy with maeken (Kenta Maeda). Blow was hit, but even if we thrust inside pitches, it was possible and we were aggressive and seemed to be oneself were able to throw a ball"

Manager Don Mattingly

"We were all right in splendid atmosphere were able to play a game. We were getting used to baseball of such a style (as for the top of the ninth inning), and we thought that good movement was done, but the batted ball and tenacity in good form of Japan exceeded us"

Kenta Maeda (Dodgers)

"We could play in this Stadium and were happy after a long absence. Opponent with Japanese hitters was fun, too and we could throw in front of Japanese fans and were glad. We could hold down to no Run and we grew up were able to turn up"


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