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Seibu players and Kasahara who was selected for the first time play well and contribute to a sweeping victory in the final game ― "We made a great leap forward," says Manager Inaba

November 15, 2018

 SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team which Game 6 to become final match of 2018 ALL STAR SERIES on November 15 is performed in Nagoya Dome, and faced MLB All-Star team is clear victory with four to one. We finished meeting by Opponent results five wins one defeat.

Game changed in second inning. When top Hotaka Yamakawa (Seibu) chooses walk among Brian Johnson (Red Sox) of the tall left arm, we make chance of no outs full bases with consecutive hits of Tomoya Mori (Seibu) and Shuta Tonosaki (Seibu). Then it is timely three-base hit of runner sweep to carry slider of inside pitches low to right line well, and Sosuke Genda (Seibu) scores the first saying "we were able to beat to good flow". Furthermore, the center was deep, and Ryosuke Kikuchi (Hiroshima) passed and gave off sacrifice fly and took four points away from erasumo Ramirez (Mariners) of the replaced right arm in this time.
 The forerunner was Shotaro Kasahara (Chunichi) which became the first SAMURAI JAPAN election including under category, but we are aggressive without flinching from the MLB batting order, and change-up that is good at at attack, point at the fastballs center is fixed and controls in four hits of 4 striking out nothing Run to forth inning 2 out and just arrives at 80 pitches of meeting rule. Yuta Iwasada (Hanshin) which stood in mound held seventh inning in check in no Run afterwards. Without solo home run being carried to center, and one point being given back to Ronald Acuna Jr. (Braves) of Jackie Robinson rookie of the year award, but taking two people continuation strikeout away, and Yu Satoh (Chunichi) which pitched in eighth inning permitting another point pinch of 1 death full bases afterwards.
 And Yasuaki Yamasaki (DeNA) took two infield grounders and struck out swinging from Acuna Jr. finally and became game is over.

 We finished meeting, and Manager Atsunori Inaba raised his crop saying "he/she attacked pitcher without escaping against all these splendid hitters, and hitters took for strong ball desperately and was able to put come-from-behind win in three games" and generalized when it was in big important meeting for premiere 12 in the next year, Tokyo Olympics in the year after next saying "it was, and team was able to advance to one before raising".

 In addition, we spoke feeling of thanks about Solidarity power which we were always careful with saying "player who streamed down saying it was saying "this team left", and player with experience pulled to Akiyama and Kikuchi before meeting, and was young there followed more and more".

 It must be that it was for further superlative performance at full one year to have been able to leave results of five wins one defeat by fusion of young players and experienced players that was appointed a lot.

Comments by manager and players

Manager Atsunori Inaba

"At first we appreciate that we come to Japan for MLBs and played in real earnest. We could face players with power and were able to go ahead before raising. We think that it may make three games in particular big confidence to have been able to come from behind and win"

Shotaro Kasahara (Chunichi)

"Pinch made, but was able to hold out somehow. Nagoya had big encouragement concerning stronghold and helped. We were aggressive and pushed with fastballs and were able to use lenience and severity with change-up and curve. We want to connect this experience after the next season. In addition, we wear this Uniform and think of raretaranato"

Sosuke Genda (Seibu)

"We could always play with players who did Opponent and were excited and were able to provide Japanese tenacity. It makes start early (on facing pitcher of MLB), and it is connected next we hit after putting ball inside more than usual, and to have devised. In addition, we felt that it was important to transfer before without striking out as we were able to hit infield fly"

Manager Don Mattingly

"Today's game was not able to make use of many chances. It became big difference through meeting. Japanese player sees and is very fun. We could know superior player while we studied partner and could know how to attack again and often learned very much"


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Thursday, November 8 18:00
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Friday, November 9 18:30
SAMURAI JAPAN 7-6 MLB All-Star team
Saturday, November 10 18:30
MLB All-Star team 6-12 SAMURAI JAPAN
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Thursday, November 15 18:00
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 18:15 game start (going to open at 16:15)
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SAMURAI JAPAN, Chinese Taipei

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