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World Baseball - Bulgaria - Bulgarian Baseball and its Outlook "The end of the 2018 season"

December 18, 2018

Sentence = Ken Fujimori

 Season of baseball in Bulgaria was expired safely this year. It is a matter of course, but is not so here. It holds annual function safely, and how is it thing hard to please to complete the age without big problem?……. We feel small joy at the time of the end every year in season.
 2018 was season of knot which reached the league foundation 30th anniversary for baseball in Bulgaria. Still league match, two major cups war were performed according to average year without big celebration to express the current situation of baseball in Bulgaria. We include approaches to what slightly strange thing is chosen as Location of club team Europe meeting after an interval of several years and carried out, Balkan championship that touched even here, having held event of baseball 5 and child baseball.

Sofia Bruce (photo courtesy: БорисМутафчиев) who achieved the Bulgarian first-ever domestic triple crown

 Bulgarian baseball league (Bulgarian Baseball League) which was domestic league match originated by participation of seven teams, and we were on the way, and one team renounced and finally competed for order in six teams. As a result, Sofia Bruce (Sofia Blues) won the championship and became the conquest that we gave buragoefuguraddobaffarozu (Blagoevgrad Buffaloes) proud of the most championship number of times of 20 degrees to by play-off so far.

 Because it was since 2012 and the second laurels acquisition that it was as for the Sofia blues during history of league match participation for a long time, their joy was at all big thing. In addition, we conquered Sofia cup, Bulgarian cup and 3 domestic main meetings first in the history of Bulgaria baseball at the same time, and, as well as league match, it was at season when we felt their force.

As for championship of domestic league match of the Sofia blues, the second (photo courtesy: БорисМутафчиев)

 In late years it was standstill baseball that was in a state in Bulgaria, but change that would be connected in the future was 2018 when we were able to see a little. It is one after an interval of this June, several years club team Europe meeting of federation of baseball Host in Europe, that it was Location of federations cup preliminary (Federations Cup Qualifier). In championship not having been possible, but having become Location to home and abroad is good; was appealed.
 Meeting between country national team in every federations cup preliminary and 11th grade, Europe baseball championship preliminary (European Championship Qualifier) are Bulgaria, and what is held is actually fixed at 2019 of next year again.
 There should have been multiple candidacy ground if the same as in the past. When activity of Bulgarian baseball is evaluated to some extent by federation of Europe baseball, we can arrest that international meeting is held twice more for 2 consecutive years in that in the same year.
 As for becoming Location, advantageous points increase at meeting on account of the budgets and can expect better results. If international meeting is held in the country, exposure of the media will increase, too and can often expect in conjunction with popularity improvement of baseball.

 Finally what wanted to mention specially as change seen personally one more for this season participated in league match; is almost that all teams came to perform approach to child. It is insufficient, but realizes that at last spread activity for children who became negligent has begun to move little by little for these past several years.

Practice scenery (photo courtesy: federation of Bulgaria baseball) of child of a certain weekend

 We feel few responses commencing with activity personally jointly with several teams of capital Sofia saying "family of child will create opportunity when we can participate regardless of team team". We are thinking that we can introduce in detail again in this respect.
 For these past several years, we regarded the future of baseball in Bulgaria as uneasiness, but we reach 30 years from the league foundation, and change appears just a little, and it may be said that it has begun to be in a situation that we can expect in the future. It is not over level of wishful thinking still more, but, also, is interesting place what kind of movement is in this off-season and next term what happens ahead in the long term.

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