In "SAMURAI JAPAN," we lay emphasis on marketing in digital domain aiming at foot expansion of baseball constituency. We will perform various IT, collaboration of digital solution and baseball positively in future.


"Tagboard" is search engine that can settle contribution with common "#" (hashtag) from enormous contributions to spread on SNS such as "Twitter" and "Facebook" "Inatagram" "Vine". Information can be effectively displayed and released by using Tagboard.
We are introduced with most in 5 biggest professional sports (MLB, National Football League, NBA, NHL, MLS) of the United States or soccer in Europe, but SAMURAI JAPAN becomes the first introduction in professional sports of Japan.
In SAMURAI JAPAN, we use this tool on Stadium vision and official site in game hosted by NPB. "Real-time contribution indication" in Stadium which came true by algorithm acquiring dashboard enabling the smallest operational flow and real-time contribution wins favorable reception to visitors. In "tagboard supporting "Solidarity" of fan beyond fence of SNS through "#侍ジャパン" "#SamuraiJapan"," we will develop more effective information dispatch in future.


"Eye words" can get privilege (coupon) by "speaking specific keyword towards smartphone" through exclusive application by free coupon service for smartphone which Aiko Toba develops.
In SAMURAI JAPAN, "eye words" are displayed in game hosted by NPB by Stadium vision. We wait for SAMURAI JAPAN original by having you voice displayed "eye words" towards smartphone and carry out downloading of image and visitors participation-shaped campaign that we can apply for of game ball.

We get out of the SAMURAI JAPAN U-12 all-Japan joint try
Digital challenge

In the election of U-12 which participated in "8th BFA 12 U Asian Championship" in 2014, we carried out digital try out on Online for baseball boys of the whole country.
We realized this plan labelled as "SAMURAI JAPAN 12 U all-Japan joint try out - digital challenge ..." as unprecedented approach from thought of a lot of adults at the Manager Hitoshi beginning, "we found possibility of children of the Little League to usually sweat, and to wrestle hard as much as possible and wanted to select". It is entry in National team players selection by primary schoolchild to be SAMURAI JAPAN 12 U representative photographing own play video with smartphones, and posting from special page in SAMURAI JAPAN official site.
In addition to these general open calls for participants, we finally pick 15 players from candidate representative player who added recommendation of each Japan Softball Baseball Association (JSBB) metropolis and districts Branch via selection committees Team which fought in "8th BFA 12 U Asian Championship" was formed.
In addition, we carry out this plan in 2016. After selection camp by 53 players who passed primary selection based on "high Matsumiya trophy 36th all-Japan schoolchild rubber-ball baseball meet" (McDonald's tournament) whom general applicant, recommendation player, Manager Hitoshi from each metropolis and districts Branch inspected, 15 representatives were picked.

Online live

We deliver live in Online of game of Top Team to meet request, "we want to support SAMURAI JAPAN without choosing place!" of fans in SAMURAI JAPAN.



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