Ryosuke Hirata Hirata, Ryosuke


Ryosuke Hirata

Top Team


Uniform Number 8 Position Outfielder
Height 177cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 88 kg
Ryosuke Hirata

Top Team

2016 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game

Uniform Number 8 Position Outfielder
Height 177cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 88 kg
Ryosuke Hirata

Top Team

2015 first WBSC premiere 12

Uniform Number 8 Position Outfielder
Height 177cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 88 kg
Ryosuke Hirata

Top Team

Game with 2013 Chinese Taipei

Uniform Number 40 Position Outfielder
Height 177cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 88 kg

Born in March 23, 1988

Career Osaka Toin High school
  2006 Chunichi Dragons

Right-handed hard hitter who has both speed and power. His outfield defense including the strong throwing arm is among the best. He showed abilities to perform well on the world stage going 11-for-26 in "Premiere 12" games in the autumn of 2015. Let's expect him to become unstoppable again.

His batting average was . 248 last season, with 14 home runs and 73 RBIs. After hitting 11 home runs in his sixth season as a professional in 2011, he hit double-digit home runs for 6 years in a row. Batting average is not high at all, but game strength by chance is scoring position batting average in the truth height of this man in the last season. We were proud of 353. Is elected following expedition of 2013 in Taiwan in Kokubo Japan by premiere 12 of November, 2015; and is batting average of 26 at bats of 11 hits by eight games (starting member seven games) in total. 423, six runs batted in and outstanding performance. There was not home run, but gave a vivid description of one three-base hit and hitting power & speed for three two-base hits in international stage.

Outfield has all of a galaxy of distinguished people equal; as sub super under the present conditions treat, but game strength is the best, and, as for the turn, come over by all means. We promise the rampage in WBC while wrestling to flying distance up by camping in spring.

February 24, 2017
Goal is taking back world champions - Profiles of 28 WBC SAMURAI JAPAN players

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October 31, 2015
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August 12, 2015
It is come up by Ryosuke Hirata, weekly baseball (8/12 release)!

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1st WBSC premiere 12


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