Hayato Sakamoto Sakamoto, Hayato


Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team


Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height 186cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 83 kg
Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team

2016 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game

Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height 186cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 83 kg
Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team

2016 SAMURAI JAPAN Warm-up Game

Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height 186cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 83 kg
Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team

2015 first WBSC premiere 12

Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height 186cm Throw/Bat R/R
Weight 83 kg
Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team

2015 Europe international matches

Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height Throw/Bat R/R
Hayato Sakamoto

Top Team


Uniform Number 6 Position Infielder
Height Throw/Bat R/R

Born in December 14, 1988

Career Kousei Gakuinn Highschool
  2007 Yomiuri Giants

Genius shortstop who has evolved. He got his first best hitter for average title with a. 344 batting average and his first Golden Glove Award last season which was his tenth year as a professional player. He has got a permanent place in SAMURAI JAPAN either.

He has performed well as an irreplaceable regular player since his second year in 2008 after graduating from high school. He was selected for the first time for a national team in a game against Cuba on November, 2012, and played 6 games in the third WBC in 2013 going 6 for 25 with . 240 batting average, but batted in 6 runs including a grand slam. After Kokubo Japan took off, his name was listed in their members, and he played 8 games in Premier 12 in 2013 going 6 for 30 with . 200 batting average, 1 home run and 6 RBIs. Considering that he had a huge potential, his numerical results stayed low, but in the last season, his second year as captain, he kept in good shape from the opening game throughout the season, got a best hitter for average title with . 344 batting average and an on-base percentage title with . 433, in addition to 23 homers and 75 RBIs, maturing in a major way. As of his defense, he showed steadier defenese as well as usual gorgeous plays and got a Gold Glove Award for the first time.

He showed the presence of "No.1 shortstop in NPB" in spring camp this year, hit a 2 RBI double in a practice game against the WBC Korean team on February 19. He is polishing his natural born batting sense and preparing to become a standard-bearer for winning back a championship.

February 24, 2017
Goal is taking back world champions - Profiles of 28 WBC SAMURAI JAPAN players

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