Yuki Matsui Yuki Matsui

Yuki Matsui

Top Team

2018ENEOS SAMURAI JAPAN series 2018

Uniform Number 1 Position Pitcher
Height 174cm Throw/Bat L/L
Weight 74 kg
Yuki Matsui

Top Team


Uniform Number 10 Position Pitcher
Height 174cm Throw/Bat L/L
Weight 74 kg
Yuki Matsui

Top Team

2015 first WBSC premiere 12

Uniform Number 10 Position Pitcher
Height 174cm Throw/Bat L/L
Weight 74 kg
Yuki Matsui

Top Team

2015 Europe international matches

Uniform Number 47 Position Pitcher
Height Throw/Bat L/L

Born in October 30, 1995

Career Tohkoh Gakuen Highschool
  2014 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles

Golden left-handed pitcher who has worn the Japan National Team uniform since a young age. He achieved 30 saves as closer for 2 years in a row from 2014 which was his second year after graduating from high school. He has high strikeout rates with his excellent slider and change-up.

When he was a senior student in high school, he played at the "AAA" World Championship (U-18 Baseball World Cup) as Japan national team with 18 years of age or less, he performed well as as an ace pitcher and starters for three games with a 1.80 ERA and 27 strikeouts. He was selected for the first time for SAMURAI JAPAN Top Team for All-Euro Game on March, 2015 and made an debut as a member of a national team in the second game(Tokyo Dome) on March 12. He pitched as a 4th pitcher, but gave up a double to the first hitter in the right-center field, and with a wild pitch and a sacrifice fly he gave up a run, making his debut bitter. He was selected as reliever for Premier 12 in fall the same year, but pitched for 3 innings in 4 games with 7 singles, 2 runs and 2 strikeouts. He went to mound with the bases loaded and none out in a semifinal against Korea, the score being 3-1, gave up a bases-loaded walk and couldn't stop the opponent's momentum.

He has come back to the national team since Premier 12 where he had regretful feelings with a 6.00 ERA in 4 games. Everybody agrees with his good quality of pitches and potential abilities. How much has he improved for the past one and half years? He will go to mound to remove the regretful feelings. He will show his abilities to players in the world.

February 24, 2017
Goal is taking back world champions - Profiles of 28 WBC SAMURAI JAPAN players

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October 24, 2015
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February 1, 2014
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