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Norihiro Akahoshi

Norihiro Akahoshi dirt airing paste Hiro

We are from / Kariya-shi, Aichi born in April 10, 1976

Obu Senior High School (we participate in Koshien invitational tournament for 93.94 years) - Asia University (we elect to the eastern capital league top nine in autumn in spring for .98 years for .98 years in the spring of 97) - JR East (Sydney Olympics participation) - Hanshin Tigers (dismissed from because of medullary spinal cord injury on draft fourth place - December 9, 09 in 2001)

We tell activity and charm of SAMURAI JAPAN to fan widely and take office as "Samurai Japan Ambassador" contributing to promotion of the whole baseball world to become one professional flax, and to wrestle from November, 2014. We make use of experience that played an active part in Age Range that professional flax is wide as top player and convey new charm that SAMURAI JAPAN has widely.

Activity of Samurai Japan Ambassador

March 27, 2017
"Norihiro Akahoshi x Top Team" Summary of WBC - The important thing is use their experience to play better next time
March 18, 2017
"Norihiro Akahoshi×Top Team" Summary of SAMURAI JAPAN 2nd Round "Team is functioning perfectly as one"
March 11, 2017
"Norihiro Akahoshi x Top Team" Summary of SAMURAI JAPAN 1st round "The team advances to the 2nd round with all members in good shape"
March 1, 2017
"Norihiro Akahoshi x Top Team" Watching a SAMURAI JAPAN send-off match - Head in a good direction with what you learned
December 25, 2016
“Norihiro Akahoshi x Top Team” Impression and Challenges of Samurai Japan Members to Play in 2017 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC™
November 21, 2016
“Norihiro Akahoshi x Top Team” Samurai Japan Warm-up Games Observation Report
November 10, 2016
Samurai Japan Ambassador Norihiro Akahoshi – The theme of Samurai Japan Warm-up Games is “Competition”
March 11, 2016
"Norihiro Akahoshi×Top Team" Warm-up Game Visiting Report
August 28, 2015
"Norihiro Akahoshi VS U-18" Send-off Game, Visiting Report
July 3, 2015
"Norihiro Akahoshi x Collegiate National Team" Universiade Send-off Game Observation Report
June 29, 2015
"Norihiro Akahoshi X Collegiate National Team" Yoshinami director interview
June 23, 2015
"Norihiro Akahoshi X Collegiate National Team" training camp, inspection report
November 15, 2014
Interview with Norimoto by Ambassador Akahoshi Following Game 3
November 13, 2014
Interview with Captain Shima by Ambassador Akahoshi Following Game 1
November 10, 2014
Ambassador Akahoshi Interviews Ginji


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